Brynavon: A Private Investment Company Is Offering Management Teams the Opportunity to Become Owners

Brynavon is private investment company currently looking to work with management teams as capital investors assisting in manager buyouts of company ownership.

Online PR News – 07-July-2014 – Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085 – Brynavon is a private investment company currently looking to work with management teams as private capital investors assisting in manager buyouts of company ownership. We provide the capital and expertise and coaching to successfully migrate through the transition.

Brynavon was founded thirty years ago based upon this simple guiding principal. Management teams rarely have the capital to acquire the company for which they work, but that is exactly where Brynavon fits. As a private investment company Brynavon lends capital to management teams to co-invest with Brynavon during an acquisition. Brynavon is a seasoned acquirer of small businesses with over 40 different investments in businesses ranging from $3.0 - $40.0 million in revenues. We are private capital investors, we bring the capital, the acquisition knowledge and expertise, and then we coach the new owners to operational success.

Brynavon is exclusively focused on ownership transitions between family generations and/or between owners and management teams. Many of the transactions that we consider involve business owners who have some children working in the business and some children who are not working in the business. While the parents are very interested in selling the company to the children who work in the business, they also have to be equitable to the children who do not work in the business. This type of ownership transition dilemma is perfect for Brynavon’s investment model.

Typically Brynavon lends capital to managers to acquire up to 20% of the company on the same terms as Brynavon. Managers also have the option to acquire an additional 20% utilizing their own capital sources. Brynavon then acquires the balance of the business from the owners. Once the acquisition is completed, Brynavon focuses on coaching the new mangers/owners through the transition from being just managers to being managers/owners. In the long-term, the new managers/owners have the option to acquire Brynavon’s equity position and to achieve the complete transition to 100% ownership.

“One of the most logical new owners for small businesses is the management team which helped build the Company.”
-George B. Lemmon, Sr.
Brynavon Founder

Brynavon is a private investment company and not a traditional private equity group; the major differences are:

• Brynavon focuses exclusively on the ownership transitions between management teams and the company’s existing ownership structure. Within Brynavon’s current portfolio, managers and former managers own 40 – 50% of the equity and Brynavon owns the balance.

• Brynavon’s target market is comprised of companies with EBITDA of $1 – 2 million which is normally too large for an individual to acquire and too small to support the overhead of a private equity group.

• Brynavon are private capital investors using funds from its founding family and certain additional individuals. During the last 7 years Brynavon has divested three operations and the average investment time was 12.7 years. Investments are made for the long-term and not to satisfy the usual short-term goals of private equity limited partners.

Brynavon is committed to sourcing its transactions through a network of business intermediaries and is willing to enter into fee agreements for potential transactions. If you are aware of a situation that fits our criteria, please give me a call or send me an e-mail. Please visit our website for additional information regarding Brynavon – We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Visit our web site to learn more about our practices, to see a history of our investments and learn more about the companies we currently own. We look forward to answering any questions you have and assisting you in your ownership transition.

The Brynavon Group is a private investment company, founded in 1973, which currently owns four manufacturing companies. Over the past 30 years Brynavon’s management has acquired, managed, assisted in ownership transition and divested over 40 companies in various industries throughout the United States, Mexico, Australia and the United Kingdom.