LegacyMemorial.com Interactive Gravestones Customizable Online Memorials Is A Great Success

LegacyMemorial.com launches interactive gravestones as their new, high-tech product that features BillionGraves™, which can be linked to the online memorials.

Online PR News – 07-July-2014 – Ogden/Utah – LegacyMemorial.com newly launched product - interactive gravestones – is proving to be a hit with the masses. Using the latest available technology today, the interactive gravestones provide direct link to customized online sites with commemoratory information about the deceased loved ones. The product uses the hottest technology of QR (quick response) codes, which allows smartphones to scan a specific and unique code that connects to online data automatically.

The LegacyMemorial.com interactive gravestones provide a permanent link to indelible memories, which would have otherwise faded over time. The QR code connects to a personalized and highly customized website which would contain information, photographs, videos, and contributions from those who have loved the deceased person to make a very beautiful tribute that can last for generations to come. This website page, like any other website page can be kept alive forever.

The online memorials bear different price tags depending upon the level of customization and content the buyer chooses. For those who need the minimum LegacyMemorial.com offers a basic free of cost plan, which is enough to whet anyone’s curiosity to look up this service. The basic plan includes customization of the website linked to the interactive gravestone, privacy settings, unique URL, uploading of personal life sketch/ obituary with one main image and free advertising. The basic plans also allows for social media network sharing such as with FaceBook, Twitter and so on.

Customization of these online memorials entails page design, administrative rights that regulate who can modify anything on the site and to what extent, and who has access to the site. The best part of these LegacyMemorial.com online memorials is that they can be now linked to the gravestones through the QR Codes so that anybody who wants to know more about the deceased person can do so at will, just by using a smart phone.

LegacyMemorial.com teamed up BillionGraves™ and LegacyTec™ to offer the latest technology and make the interactive gravestones possible. The QR Codes embossment in the gravestones, which enables direct linking to the online memorials, uses image scanning and GPS technology.

To access the web page dedicated to the deceased person, one would require having a smart phone and a specific scanner mobile app that reads the QR marker on the gravestone. Depending upon the rights allowed by the administrator of the memorial page, the visitor may only read about the departed person or be able to also write his own obituary/ story and/ or post media on the page.

The greatest advantages the QR code meorials gives is that it lasts forever, which is what appeals the most to those who buy and use the new product.

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