Banckle Newsletter for July 2014 : Ex-Outlook Users can now Get 5 Free Custom Domain Mailboxes

Banckle Collaborator Newsletter for July 2014 has been released offering ex-Outlook users 5 free custom domain mailboxes using Banckle.Email App at no cost.

Online PR News – 07-July-2014 – Lane Cove, NSW – After Microsoft has stopped providing free custom domain service to users, Banckle.Email App is offering users a great alternative to MS Outlook because it is not only a secure, reliable and fast emailing solution but also offering Outlook users to setup 5 free email accounts at no cost which means Banckle.Email supports 5 free users by using their free plan which will be forever and you can change this plan if you want to increase number of users/accounts.

Banckle.Email can become your free custom domain service because it allows you to develop you own email applications with Banckle.Email API. You will get admin section also where you can carry out all administrative tasks such as adding or removing email accounts etc and it also supports major email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla ThunderBird and you can also access your email app on mobiles, all this without paying anything.


Improved Privacy Settings in Banckle.Chat

Banckle has recently improved Banckle.Chat App by introducing new security measures like Data Encryption and Data Obfuscation. Using this new security measure, administrators can implement policies like restricting user access to customer conversations and can control how operators can access customer live conversations history.

Product News

- New: Banckle.Helpdesk for Drupal

Banckle has released Helpdesk plugin for Drupal websites which will enable you to record issues reported by customer directly from Drupal website which will go straight into your Banckle.Helpdesk account. Using Banckle.Helpdesk plugin for Drupal you can also track updates and inform your customers about it using the same platform. You can download and install Banckle.Helpdesk plugin for Drupal using this link:

- New: Banckle.CRM for Drupal

Banckle has also released CRM Plugin for Drupal which allows you to add contact capture form on your Druapl website. This plugin allows you to do many things like collecting important contact details, talking to potential clients, manage your sales pipeline etc. You can get this plugin from this link:

- New: Automatically Add Company Employees in Banckle.CRM

Banckle.CRM App allows you to control, while creating new company using Banckle.CRM, whether to add any linked email addresses in new company automatically or not. This will help you to keep your business contacts unified for better management.

- New: Banckle.Helpdesk Contacts Export to Banckle.CRM

Using Banckle in-app connection which allows you to integrate two or more Banckle Apps, you can export all helpdesk contacts into CRM to turn potential clients into paying customers.

Coming Soon

- Banckle.CRM for Joomla

After releasing CRM plugin for WordPress Websites, Banckle soon will be releasing CRM plugin for Joomla websites also which will allow you to follow up with potential clients, turn them in to valued customers, better manage your sales pipeline and bring together all cloud CRM features in Joomla platform.

- Banckle.Helpdesk for Joomla

Banckle will soon release Help Desk software for Joomla Websites which will allow you to never miss a customer reported issue, create a centralized repository of all issue tickets and provide rapid solutions to users.

Community Buzz

- Banckle.CRM has been added in the contender list for top CRM Companies at

- Banckle.Chat has been added in the list of 6 Best Payment Suitable WordPress Plugins at

- Banckle.Meeting has been mentioned in one of the articles published on

- Banckle.CRM has been added in the list of Top Customer Relationship Management Software Products on

From The Library

- Generate tickets from within your Drupal sites using Banckle.Helpdesk

Banckle has released Help Desk plugin for Drupal websites which will now allow Drupal website owners to add ticket capture form on their websites and will help them to capture visitors’ queries or issues which will go straight to Banckle.Helpdesk account so that they will never miss a query or an issue submitted by their user. Visit this page to know more about how to create ticket capture form and how to download and install this plugin:

- Banckle.CRM integration with Microsoft Outlook

Banckle CRM Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook not only integrates your Outlook contacts with Banckle CRM but also keep your Outlook contacts synchronized with Banckle CRM contacts. Every contact you add in Outlook is captured and organized within your Banckle CRM system so that you can easily manage contacts and share important information with all your contacts.
To know more about how to use Banckle CRM Plug-In for Outlook visit the following page:

Product Releases And Updates

- Banckle.Chat – New: Improved privacy settings for accessing chat history, general fixes and stability improvements.

- Banckle.CRM – New: Automatically add company contacts, improved usage experience, general fixes and stability improvements.

- Banckle.Campaign – General fixes and stability improvements.

- Banckle.Meeting – Improved app user experience, general fixes and stability improvements.

- Banckle.Helpdesk – Update: Edit mailbox settings, Update: Automatically add company contacts, New: Export contacts to Banckle.CRM, New: Create new departments and assign users to them, add tags and search tickets by tags, general fixes and stability improvements.

- Banckle.Email – General fixes and stability improvements.


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