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CoAssets is a reliable resource for information on property investments and crowdfunding in South East Asia.

Online PR News – 07-July-2014 – Singapore – – CoAssets is a reliable resource for information on property investments and crowdfunding in South East Asia. The website provides highlights on property investment market, which is predominating and continuously on the rise.

Individuals with interest in property investment can easily engage in comprehensive self research on the property investments. The website also provides an option to list property.

The CoAssets’ business marketing manager replied, “CoAssets is the potent knowledge resource that will help you to be on the right investment track. Get to know about the effective methods of investing in the property. Prospective interest groups will have the idea on how the crowd funding route will work.”

Whether it is about Crowdfunding and developing a residential development in Port Hedland, or news on the bulk purchase discount for services apartments in Johor Baru, or get the information on how to own a 5* Hotel in Asia’s Fastest Growing Tourist Economy – everything is listed out there at CoAssets.


Oglivia – I was searching for the information on how to investment in the properties in Hong Kong. I am from Greece, but somehow had fascination to be in Hong Kong since childhood. Over the years, this fascination transformed into business interest. Hong Kong is the best place for property investments, but without complete knowledge, obviously, there are no avenues of success. I was craving to find any credible information website, and that is where I came across CoAssets. The site was flashing news on the property investments in Singapore almost every day, and it caught my imagination. Today, I have invested in two investment properties in Hong Kong and one in Singapore. All of it on the basis of information provided by CoAssets! Thank you very much!

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CoAssets is a property investment and crowd funding website offering updates d information on various aspects of crowdfunding in the property. We hold the specialization in Hong Kong property investment as well as Hong Kong crowdfunding. At CoAssets, we are not interested in making any investment recommendations. We are not offering or selling or solicit any offer that entices any investor to buy the property. CoAssets is a purely property information and research website. We inform the buyers, investors and others who are interested to invest in the South East Asian region. Our focus is to give latest and well researched information that is useful. We are the reliable resource for information on property investments.

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