Home Knife Sharpener in UK Market

After the company's success in the US market, Razor Red's Home Knife Sharpener is going to be launched in the UK market.

Online PR News – 07-July-2014 – Portland/Oregon – Razor Red, the premier cutlery brand is launching home knife sharpener in the UK market. This brand new knife sharpener was made from high quality materials and comes with the best features and bonus materials. The Razor Red Home Knife sharpener was designed to make kitchen task easy, smooth and hassle free.
Razor Red is famous for promoting top quality kitchen products. Their knife sharpeners can sharpen any knife with diamond precision, quickly and easily. It comes with a strong suction cup that can be mounted on a bench, table or any surface for safe use. Hone Knife sharpener is portable, easy to handle and very effective in sharpening knives and other cutting tools such as blades, shears and scissors. This knife sharpener is not more than 5cm in diameter therefore it is easy to keep or store. This product was launch by Razor Red in Amazon and now reaping positive response from customers.
According to Daniel Antrup, knife sharpener user, the razor red knife sharpener is a compact sharpener and the suctions is very helpful. It makes it much more easy to use and can sharpen certain serrated knives, regular knives, scissors, and blades. He even recommend it for 5 stars.
“This compact blade sharpener works great. I really like the small size, great for storage. It also has a suctioning bottom so it attaches to the counter top making it easier to draw the blade across with worry about movement. I'm looking forward to trying it out on my garden shears, for now all my scissors and knives are sharpened” said Susan Reinholz, another customer.
With these features, Paul Easton, CEO of Razor Red is confident that the product will do will in the UK market especially since the knife sharpener is not only for adults but safe and easy to use by children.