"A LUV", W2W ENTERTAINMENT 2014 "LUV JONES"summer/fall tour

The New Prince of Hip Hop R&B

Online PR News – 19-June-2015 – Los Angeles California – First let me say, We welcome your support at any level with our eternal gratitude. Also before you get the wrong idea, even though we show the lambo's and benz's in the videos, make no mistake these are props to make the music videos. We are not ballers. We had a friend that directed the videos for a small price and we owe him for that.

First phase, August 1st 2014 - August 16th 2014 on the road, block parties for the youth at rec centers touching at risk youth to let them know there are better alternatives in their communities besides gang violence, drugs and hopelessness. Jackson MS , New Orleans LA, Birmingham Ala , Mobile Ala , Tallahassee FL , Atlanta GA , Houston TX , Columbia SC , Charlotte NC , Memphis TN , Nashville TN , Dallas TX are some of the cities on the first phase of the tour.

The second phase of the tour starts Sept 8th 2014 - Oct 8th 2014, will consist of going to historical black colleges not only to perform, but to also reach out to sororities to help drive future students to a college education. Spellman college , Morris Brown , Howard , Delaware ST , Grambling , Flordia A&M , Mississippi Valley ST , Chopin college , these are a few of black colleges that A Luv will be performing at.

There a lot of artist that dream, hope and wish to one day become entertainers, whether it be singing, acting, dancing or writing songs, or movie scripts. A Luv has been blessed to be able to sing and entertain people, regardless of race, creed or color. His one desire is to go out to every city, town and to perform for the people. For one hour he would like to touch people's hearts, minds and lives with his music live on stage. In the summer / fall of 2014 with your help this summer we would like to embark on the "Luv Jones" summer / fall tour. A Luv will be also coming to historical black colleges to meet, greet and perform for the student body at large. The money that is donated will pay for the transportation, motels, breakfast, lunch, dinner, promotion and cds.