Waterwize Announces 24/7 Hot Water System Service in NSW

Waterwize has started running their hot water system service in NSW 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Online PR News – 03-July-2014 – Sydney, NSW – Waterwize recently announced that they are now available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The company has said that they will be providing almost every service relating to hot water repair, installation and troubleshooting at every hour of the day. The idea behind rolling out a 24/7 service according to the company is to be able to cater to a larger number of people, especially those who are only available after business hours. The 24/7 service like their other services is backed by their satisfaction guarantee so people can be assured of receiving a great service.

We pride ourselves on providing a great service with satisfaction guaranteed regardless of when we work.

Hot water systems have this odd tendency of suddenly breaking down either during the middle of the night or in the early part of the morning. When this happens many people in Australia may feel stranded especially during the winter when they are heavily relying on their system for everything from washing dishes to their morning shower. Even though traditionally services are not available after business hours or during these odd hours, the fact is that we are now living in a global village where someone is working pretty much all the time. This is what has motivated businesses like Waterwize to start offering a 24/7 service. This means that people can call up Waterwise at any time and be assured that the best hot water service in Sydney will be at their doorstep within no time.

"The 24/7 service is something that we have started offering because many of our clients wanted us to be available during after regular business hours. We would come in every morning and check our messages to be surprised that we were receiving many calls after business hours which then motivated us to start offering our service 24/7. Not surprisingly we have received an excellent response from all over the city and expect to see the response grow further as we add a number of people to our team,” said the lead hot water systems specialist at Waterwize. "We pride ourselves on providing a great service, with satisfaction guaranteed regardless of when we work."

Waterwize Services Pty Ltd is one of the leading hot water systems specialists in Australia and has been operating for over 25 years. Over the years they have earned a reputation for delivering great quality services to customers which is not just limited to hot water services but also includes sales, installation and repairs. Their team of highly qualified and licensed plumbers, gas-fitters and electricians come equipped to fix any problem on the spot which helps to save home owners from days if not weeks of distress.

People who want to hire Waterwize to take a look at their hot water system can visit their website: sydneywidehotwater.com.au, and fill out the brief online form. Alternatively, people can also call up the number mentioned on the website to speak to a specialist about the problem they are facing with their hot water system as well as hire any other service.

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