The latest Vantage Bay condominium is located proximal to Johor Bahru. Homeowners will certainly take pleasure in going to a lot of malls in the region.

Skies at Vantage Bay is a recently developed apartment that happens to be in Johor Bahru. These days, Singaporean decide to stay at Vantage Bay condominium because it is now easier to travel to Johor Bahru. Vantage Bay Johor also found near to several department stores and popular restaurants.

Residents who reside in Vantage Bay will be able to visit Singapore Shopping malls such as Vivo City easily.

Online PR News – 03-July-2014 – Port Orange – Vantage Bay Iskandar is a fantastic project designed in the heart connected with Iskandar, by Singapore Billionaire Philip Lim's organization Vantage Bay Rowsley, Skies @ Vantage Bay. It is said that Vantage Bay will be completed by the year 2014. The Skies at Vantage Bay's is proximal to the Iskandar, given that the condo is situated in the centre of JB (Johor Bahru). Vantage Bay has a total area of 9.23ha and is stuffed with wonderful ideas such as Van Bay Medical Hub, Retail centre, Workplaces, Meeting Facilities, Support House and more. It is truly fixed to turn into important as well as substantial improvement within Region A connected with Iskandar.Because it's situated close to Vantage Bay Johor, residents will find having a unit a great benefit as this is situated near the proposed MRT. Traveling separation by Traveling separation by Vantage Bay Johor is one thing just like 5 min's, as the place is chosen so as to speak to lots of Singaporeans is something similar to 5 min's, as the place is picked to be able to talk to heaps of Singaporeans.Vantage Bay Iskandar is connected to several areas. Its location brings these the following nearer like great hotels, shopping centre and also F&b.Vantage Bay Rowsley is regarded as among the highest condominium in Malaysia as it has a a twin tower system. Citizens of the upcoming condominium will be surprised with the perfect view of the sea, the Johor strait and the skyline of Singapore. Located close to Skies at Vantage Bay are various facilities and also amenities that could present convenience to residents. These consist of hotels, offices, medical facility, plus a convention center.Your condominium within Skies @ Vantage Bay, is located to turn into among the tallest twin individual tower system within Iskandar and Malaysia. The amazing views and structure that this 80-storey building would make anybody fall in love with the horizons of Singapore. Skies @ Vantage Bay is situated just near to the public transit such as the proposed MRT/RTS (Rapid Transit System), which will just take you 3 mins travel time from CIQ Checkpoint JB. All of these developments will let the people to travel with ease.Other facilities nearby are Vantage Bay Medical Hub, shopping centres, and other establishments where you can use your free time.vantage bay iskandar | vantage bay iskandar