Brynavon Is Proud To Announce We Are Seeking Successful Companies for Corporate Acquisition

Brynavon is a private investment company with 40 years experience in corporate acquisition, assisting management in buyouts of the owner

Online PR News – 02-July-2014 – Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085 – Brynavon is a private investment company with 40 years experience in corporate acquisition, assisting management in buyouts of the owner, allowing the management team the opportunity to have a stake in the business in which they work for.

The Brynavon Group’s investment philosophy is based on the concept that “real ownership creates real management change”. We are looking for manufacturing and service companies that have a proven track record and a strong management team in place that wants to achieve a corporate acquisition of the company for which they work.

Bryavon’s goal is to add two to three more companies to our corporate portfolio in the next twelve months, this is a healthy rate of growth for us and a target that we feel we can successfully manage. The target size is a company with revenues between $5-$15 million dollars and EBITDA potential in excess of $1 million.

Our focus for corporate acquisitions is on companies with revenues under $25 million and EBITDA between $1 and $2 million. With our strong base of experience in service and manufacturing companies, this is an area we would like to target but are open to other additional opportunities. Based on past success we have made it our mission is to find motivated management teams with the desire to acquire the businesses for which they work under the right financial conditions. Brynavon is a resource for management teams who have this desire but not the necessary funding to complete the corporate acquisition. Since we are a private investment company we operate differently than private equity firms, these firm are driven by short-term investment horizons, return of capital to limited partners and buy-hold & flip practices. We are invested partners in the business and its long term growth, creating an environment of security that fosters success. Brynavon’s investment horizon is not limited to the typical 5-7 year term in which private equity groups are forced to return capital to their limited partners.

Within the existing portfolio, the management teams that take ownership own between 20-40 percent of each investment and Brynavon owns the balance. The investment theory is simple, when managers own a significant part of the value that they create, the likelihood of success dramatically increase for all stakeholders. As part of the long term strategy the new owners/managers have the option to acquire Brynavon’s equity position and to achieve the complete transition to 100% ownership of the business.Since 2006 Brynavon has divested three operations and the average investment time was 12.7 years.

Brynavon’s niche is to accommodate the transition between the existing owners and their management team that may include a generational transition of ownership within the same family, retiring partners, or a variety of circumstances where the company has promising growth but an owner is ready to move out of their position.

Visit our web site to learn more about our practices, to see a history of our investments and learn more about the companies we currently own. We look forward to answering any questions you have and assisting you in your ownership transition.

I look forward to discussing any opportunities which your company may have available, as well as your thoughts and suggestions. Please contact me directly at 610-525-2080 or send me an email at or visit our website

The Brynavon Group is a private investment company, founded in 1973, which currently owns four manufacturing companies. Over the past 30 years Brynavon’s management has acquired, managed, assisted in ownership transition and divested over 40 companies in various industries throughout the United States, Mexico, Australia and the United Kingdom.