Dragon Bakeware Launches There Modern Premium Silicone Baking Mat.

Silicone bakeware is undoubtedly becoming increasingly prominent amongst chefs and cooks to the home baker.

Online PR News – 02-July-2014 – Laguna Niguel/CA – The Simplicity silicone baking mat liner is an inspiring product from Dragon Bakeware. This performs in a number of ways to make baking more practical for everybody.

When matched up to regular cookie sheets, bread pans and various other oven-safe cookware, the Simplicity Baking Mat is really superior given that it was uniquely designed to prevent dough from catching to baking pans. This is actually not just simply a non-stick area.

This is actually a non-stick material. This takes away the need for flouring pans, greasing pans or using parchment paper for patisseries. There's no desire to purchase cooking spray, a combination of flour as well as cooking oil, when you have silicone baking sheets in the kitchen.

The Simplicity element is the highest premium silicone. It is a precious food-grade silicone which is actually safe for all kinds of foods. This is not a coating such as Teflon which will eventually scratch off and infect your food. The product is long-lasting and will certainly not modify the way your food tastes.

Because of the high quality component, the mat heats up evenly at heat ranges up to 480 degrees. The even heat indicates even cooking, according to Gourmet chef Gerard, the product's designer and company owner. Gerard is also an award-winning chef.

A Simplicity silicone baking mat liner even makes baking easier by reducing the mess. The non-stick material is very simple to clean as well as dish washer safe on the top shelf. There is no need for soaking. So, clean-up is faster too.

Along with cookies and pastries, the mat can be utilized for roasts and baked veggies. It is a form of oil-less cooking, which means more healthy snacks which are lower in fat.

The mats are ideal for the hobbyist or craft maker. Making mobiles and wind chimes by melting plastic beads within various shapes is an in demand craft right now. But the craft could simply mess up a conventional cookie sheet or baking pan. If the beads stick to the pan, the activity can quickly be spoiled as well.

Simplicity is an extra-thick silicone mat for baking. The extra thickness allows it to last a lot longer. Each sheet can be utilized over a thousand times in the oven without losing its design, according to Gerard. The mats are even microwave safe. Gourmet chef Gerard has no doubt that the Simplicity mats can last "almost a lifetime" if they were used solely in the microwave.

While the developer is a gourmet chef and this is a professional silicone baking mat, the product can be used by anybody, despite the degree of experience. The chef's goal was to simplify the cooking process so that even more people could certainly enjoy homemade foods without having the disappointment that home cooking can cause.

The Simplicity silicone baking mat liner might just not make you one of the world's master chefs but it will allow you to have more fun in the kitchen. You'll devote less quality time prepping, reduced time cleaning up and even more time taking pleasure in your creations!

Chef Gerard started Dragon Bakeware in 2013 because he identified a need for fresh innovative baking tools. The Simplicity Baking Mat designed by Gerard is likely to become a necessity for every cook as the years go by.

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