Bitcoin alternative to give away coins to Canadians on Canada Day

CanadaCoin is a new Canadian alternative to Bitcoin that is giving away digital currency free to Canadians on Canada Day, July 1st.

Online PR News – 01-July-2014 – Victoria, British Columbia – A new Canadian alternative to Bitcoin is giving away digital currency free to Canadians on Canada Day, July 1st. CanadaCoin uses the same secure technology as Bitcoin, allowing users to send the digital currency anywhere in the world instantly, securely and without any fees.

In keeping with the spirit of the Social Credit movement in Canada, the group behind the new currency is giving away 147 CanadaCoins to each Canadian citizen or resident- one coin for each year that Canada has been a country. The first 1000 Canadians to sign up will receive a bonus of 2000 CanadaCoins.

According to the founder, who lives on Salt Spring Island, BC the idea is to use the new Bitcoin technology to create a “greener” and more egalitarian digital currency that benefits Canadian people and small businesses operating in the new digital economy.

The group claims that compared to Bitcoin the new currency is faster, more secure and uses far less energy and computing power to validate transactions on the network. Unlike Bitcoin, CanadaCoin pays users “digital interest” for holding coins in their wallet- 15% in the first year.

The group hopes that major Canadian online retailers and brands will get on board to accept them. Canadians can download the CanadaCoin wallet and receive free coins at the website.

About CanadaCoin

CanadaCoin is a new digital currency for Canadians and people that do business with Canadians. It can be used to send value anywhere in the world quickly, securely and freely.

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