Mara Enterprises Limited Now Offers Groundbreaking SUPER Upgrade to Lunar Poker

Mara Enterprises Limited, the creators of the highly popular Lunar Poker casino poker product, announcing the addition of powerful new SUPER upgrade feature.

Online PR News – 09-July-2014 – Kenner, Louisiana – The innovators behind the highly successful casino game and poker product Lunar Poker are pleased to announce the addition of the exciting new SUPER upgrade feature, an innovation born from the near overwhelming popularity of the game's SUPER side bet option.

Lunar Poker, which has become one of the leading poker variants in the casino industry, has received numerous accolades, not only from players around the world, but also from operators of many high-profile casino properties in Asia, Australasia, the United States and more. This powerful new SUPER upgrade has the potential to enhance a casino's Super side bet revenue by an unheard of 150-200%, boosting an operation's profit potential and providing a powerful new way to add to an already engaging and highly entertaining player experience.

The new Lunar Poker SUPER upgrade feature provides the poker player more flexibility than ever before, allowing them to now place a SUPER wager on their hand and on the hand of any other player sitting at the table and also on the dealer's hand. Though Lunar Poker players are currently "piggy-backing" on other player's SUPER bets, this new upgrade helps to both promote and legitimize the multiple SUPER bets option, creating more excitement and unity at the table while increasing volume and enhancing casino profitability.

This new Lunar Poker feature creates 25 additional wagering opportunities during each round of play, providing the player the chance to support a friend's bet and/or to get involved in a winning SUPER trend. No longer will players be forced to piggy back on another player's SUPER wager, expediting the wagering process and saving both the dealer and the player's valuable time. Each Lunar Poker SUPER wager also attracts the same edge for the house, which amounts to 5.06%.

The SUPER upgrade creates a certain level of added intrigue not available in other poker variants, as well as a whole new level of fun to each round of Lunar Poker play. This new option helps to enhance not only player interest and engagement, but also casino revenue, helping to make your casino floor a hotbed of energy, volume and entertained players of all types and skill levels.

The SUPER upgrade was developed out of an enormously positive response to the Lunar Poker poker product, now one of the leading and most innovative poker variants in the world. Lunar Poker is now a force to be reckoned with in the international gaming community, and has become a staple of casinos in many regions of the globe.

The Lunar Poker product is primed to revolutionize the table games industry and is beginning to make significant strides in the South African, Asian and American markets. Casino operators and players alike often remark on the game's innovative and engaging nature, one that is completely transforming both poker and people's approach to the game for good. Lunar Poker is perhaps one of the best and most unique games to hit the gaming marketplace in decades.

About: Lunar Poker is soon to be active in twelve states in the U.S.