Free Online Learning on How to Face Fears is Cash Flow Depot’s Latest Offering
07/02/2014, an online real estate investor training company, greets July 1st with a new site feature.

Online PR News – 02-July-2014 – Dallas, Texas – has been in the real estate investor training business for over 7 years. With tens of thousands of successful graduates, the company has proven itself to be a reliable site for quality, online real estate education.

As part of the company’s regular promotional offers, free online learning is currently in store for site visitors and members. The real estate depot has a new page about the topic, “Facing your Fears”.

“Fear is one of the reasons why many investors lose good opportunities”, says owner and general manager, Jackie Lange. “How are entrepreneurs different from investors? Entrepreneurs are risk takers. They often aim for the homerun instead of simply landing first base. Thus, they end up earning large amounts of money because they are not afraid of taking calculated risks.”

According to Jackie, fear is universal. “Everyone has his/her own fears. You may be scared of spiders while others may be scared of snakes. What matters the most is that we learn how to overcome these fears, so we can be successful in our endeavors. Fear of real estate investing can be overcome. Visit our new page to learn how.”

Jackie Lange has been in the real estate investing business for over 2 decades. was her brainchild. She pulled together some of the best minds in the real estate industry. Cash Flow Depot resident instructors like the legendary Jack Miller, Peter Fortunato, and David Tilney among others, have made one of the best, most qualified real estate investor training site on the world wide web.

Eric Heideman from the Virgin Islands says, “I made $4300 from the information I learned at one Cash Flow Depot seminar.”

Dan from Sacramento, California says, “Cash Flow Depot is without a doubt the best real estate website out there. Before I heard about this, I spent plenty of dollars on seminars from some of the other gurus, but it was mostly money down the drain. Jack is the real deal. I especially like the video seminars in the depot, as well as the archives of conference calls on different subjects.”

The new page, “Facing your Fears”, discusses the fundamentals of overcoming one’s fears. It also offers techniques on how to be able to control fear. The new page is free for viewing, so everyone can learn a valuable lesson without spending a dime. goes by the tag line, “Where you don’t have to spend a fortune to learn how to make one”. Indeed, the site stays true to its word by providing lots of free online training on a regular basis. Interested parties may visit for information about the new page, or call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1882.

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