Precision Fire Systems Announces Insurance Discounts

Precision Fire Systems makes it easy to save money on homeowner insurance policies. When a homeowner installs a fire sprinkler system

Online PR News – 02-July-2014 – Aliso Viejo, Ca – Home fires are not a small problem. In fact, more than 400,000 homes burn down each year, leaving families without shelter. Fire often consumes most or all of a family’s possessions when there is a fire. In worst case scenarios, members of a family are injured or even killed in home fires.

It is critical that every homeowner take steps to prevent fire damage. Precision Fire Systems is a fire suppression specialty company that offers contracting services to homeowners who want to ensure that their families and homes are protected from the dangers of fire.

Best of all, when a homeowner installs a sprinkler system, insurance premiums for the house often drop dramatically.
Precision Fire Systems is a company founded on principles of honesty and integrity. PFS can offer:

• Fire sprinkler systems. These professional installed systems are guaranteed to work and provide protection from fire damage. They may also earn homeowners a significant discount on their homeowner’s premiums.

• Fire extinguishers. Every home should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, in the garage and within easy reach of the other rooms. PFS can provide top-quality, easy-to-use fire extinguishers that anyone in the family can handle.

• Backflow testing. PFS can inspect and repair the backflow or RPZ devices of any existing sprinkler system to insure the system is in good working order.

Precision Fire Systems can also provide and service UL300 systems and wet and dry chemical spraybooth systems. Contact Precision Fire Systems for more information on how to protect any home or business and save money on insurance premiums.

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About Precision Fire Systems:

Precision Fire Systems offers homeowners in Orange County the easiest way to protect their homes from the dangers of fire, gain peace of mind about their own safety and that of their families and save money on insurance premiums. Precision Fire Systems is a complete fire suppression company that offers sprinklers, extinguishers, testing and other services.

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