PFM Trading to Launch Investment Webinar Series

PFM Trading says it is to broadcast a series of “Webinars” over the next 4 weeks that will set out its investment objectives.

Online PR News – 02-July-2014 – Shenzhen, China – PFM Trading, Inc.,, has announced that it will use a series of web seminars or “Webinars” to more clearly disseminate its investment objectives for the remainder of the year. It will use the webinars to take questions from and provide a more interactive experience for its institutional clients.

The China-based broker-dealer says it recognizes that the fast pace of its expansion and its aim to double revenue from its IPO underwriting business within the coming year had piqued the interest of several of its corporate investors.

Edward Gold, recently-appointed vice-president at PFM Trading, is expected to host the 4 30-minute long webinars while Warren Odey, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, will help him field questions from invited delegates.

“We’re trying to achieve some very bold goals and attain some very aggressive targets in terms of growth and it’s understandable that our corporate clients are curious as to how these ambitions affect their positions going forward,” said Mr. Gold. “We’re hoping that these webinars will set out our vision for the future while showing our clients just how much our plans will benefit them too,” he added.

The first of the webinars will be broadcast on Tuesday 1st July at 1300 GMT and be made available for download on the PFM Trading website for those who wish to view it again.

Warren Odey said he was looking forward to the series.

“We hope to provide insight into our IPO underwriting business and how we see it developing with the market in the years ahead but we also want to reassure our clients that they stand to benefit immensely from its expansion,” said Mr. Odey.

About PFM Trading, Inc.:
PFM Trading, Inc. is an independent investment and wealth management practice based in China, and staffed by consummate professionals with a verifiable track record of success in the global financial markets. As at 1 January 2013, PFM Trading managed over $3.5 billion of assets on behalf of esteemed clients around the world.

Here at PFM Trading, we enjoy an enviable reputation within the wealth management community. To others, the phrases “unique approach” and “due diligence” represent no more than marketing-speak but to us, they are a code: a code that is indelibly inscribed upon every part of our organization.