Dazzelite is a silica carbide jewelry with properties very close to diamonds | Dazzelite is better

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Online PR News – 01-July-2014 – Vasant Vihar,New Delhi,Delhi,India – www dot dazzelite dot com Provides - Man made diamonds, best synthetic diamonds in india, Moissanite Created by Charles & Colvard, synthetic semi precious gemstone, moissanite engagement ring, manmade diamonds retail outlet india ,Ultramodern, sophisticated technology produces Dazzelite Solitaires making it indistinguishable from a real Diamond. But it is as good as a diamond since it comes with a limited lifetime warranty and buyback guarantee.

Weight of a mined diamond is measured by carat value. One carat is equal to 200 mg. A paragon diamond should have at least 100 carats and be flawless. Dazzelite, being little less dense than diamond is measured by size in mm. Dazzelite costs nearly 10% of the cost of an equally sized diamond. But in appearance, beauty, elegance, excellent cut, color and clarity vie with that of diamond. It has identical chemical, optical and physical characteristics as superior quality mined diamonds.

How Dazzelite is better than diamonds?
Dazzelite Solitaire is made by imitating the natural process of diamond formation in the laboratory. A natural diamond needs a billion years to form, while Dazzelite takes a few months. When emerging from this process, it has the same hardness, refractive index, specific gravity and dispersion factor as the natural diamond. We use the same equipment and tools used for mined diamonds to cut and polish the Dazzelites.

Like diamonds, Dazzelite also has resale value, since we give the customers buyback guarantee. The main difference between our Dazzelite and real diamonds is price. Dazzelite offers you all the features of diamonds at one-tenth cost! That’s why we claim Dazzelite is better than diamonds.

Dazzelites are mainly for the young who can’t afford the exorbitant prices of mined diamonds. These man made diamonds will also steal the hearts of the middle-aged who desire to wear jewels often.