Blind Marathoner, Rhonda Copeland, Releases Her Book On Kindle

After publishing her book, Running Blind: The Journey of a Blind Runner Training for Her First Marathon, Rhonda Copeland launches the Kindle version.

Online PR News – 01-July-2014 – Missoula, Montana – Are you truly living your best life? Have you managed to achieve your most important goals? After reading a book like Rhonda Copeland's Running Blind: The Journey of a Blind Runner Training For Her First Marathon, such are the questions that come to mind.

Running Blind is Copeland's first book, and one of which she's proud. After training for her first marathon (a difficult task in and of itself) without having her full vision, she was eager to share her story with others. Her objective? To inspire runners and non-runners to get started on their goals and journey toward personal transformation. If there's anything that Copeland emphasizes in her narrative, it's the following: to achieve anything we need to have a big enough "why" and we also need to stop seeing ourselves as victims. In other words, to achieve success we really have to have a compelling reason to go after what we want and we've also got to stop living through our past failures.

Running Blind chronicles Copeland’s journey to train for her first marathon a few years after she’d been diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a hereditary condition which will eventually render her completely and irreversibly blind. The book begins with a punch, catching us off-guard and drawing us into the moment--the day in the doctor's office when Copeland receives her diagnosis. For her, getting the news felt like a “baseball bat to the gut,” and running became a way of coping. Eventually, running helped her to triumph not just “despite” her physical limitations, but because of them.

For those who know Copeland personally or have had the privilege of running beside her in a marathon, their first impression is that of someone who is disarmingly honest, funny, and charismatic—all traits that surface in her vibrantly-narrated story. Even for those readers who do not know Copeland personally, her book gives us a sense of personal connection, and we find ourselves rooting for her (and ourselves) from beginning to end.

Copeland’s story warms the heart and truly inspires us to look around and like the author, say, “it’s not so bad.” In fact, those three words carried Copeland to finish 5 marathons (and counting) after getting her diagnosis, and they can help any reader who needs the mental fortitude to pick him or herself back up and trudge forward.

Running Blind is currently available digitally through Amazon Kindle as an eBook, and also as a hard-copy through the Amazon bookstore. As a promotion for the long July 4th weekend, the book will be free to download from July 3rd through July 7th, 2014.