Bad Reputation Program Triumph Targets

After rolling out their newest bad reputation program, Triumph, becomes the legal community's go-to company for reputation repair.

Online PR News – 01-July-2014 – Washington DC – Every day, Jess Swann, founder of Bury Bad Reputations, fields complaints about tarnished and bruised, bad reputations from discontented clients who want to suppress negative search results, yet demand more for their money. "The day we rolled out Triumph, more than 100 emails filled my inbox in under an hour, and my phone was still ringing at midnight."

Ask victims of online slander and defamation about bad reputation repair and its doubtful they're aware that negative search results reappear anywhere between 6 months to a year. After paying thousands of dollars for reputation services, clients are surprised to see those negative search results pop-up out of nowhere.

Generally, to keep negative search results suppressed, online reputation management (ORM) consultants offer their clients costly, on-going maintenance programs, but according to Bury-Bad-Reputations, there's a better way to bury these negatives and forgo on-going maintenance.

Swann's latest strategy specifically targets gripe sites, Ripoff Report and Pissed Consumer. Both of these sites have the advantage of having a bad-boy badge that instantly brands a business unsuitable. Learning about the accusation is often secondary since having "Ripoff Report" or "Pissed Consumer" included in your search results all but points the finger at some shameful exploit. It doesn't have to be true because perception is what matters.

Swann attributes her on-going success to commitment and resourcefulness in execution. With a Masters degree in Computer Science, Swann has an unrelenting quest for understanding Google, and this translates into testing, simulation and best practices. "Today's efforts won't satisfy tomorrow's newest demands. Reputation repair is a science that requires testing to understand what works best." This is a big part of strategy - constant testing to ensure best practices.

There is plenty more disruption coming. Pissed Consumer generates more than 6000 complaints each week, and Ripoff Report nearly doubles that number. Bad reputation repair has become a part of doing business, and you can't get away from it.

About Bury-Bad-Reputations

Bury-Bad-Reputations, is based in Washington DC, and headed by Jess Swann. BBR is a strategic reputation repair company, focusing solely on helping clients suppress negative search results and re-build sustainable brands. Bury-Bad-Reputations assist all professionals, yet are sought-after by the legal industry.

Today, with a Computer Science Masters Degree in hand, and a penchant for testing theories, the self-professed Google-lover remains at the forefront of online reputation management with a digital dustpan close by.