Enterprises TV to Highlight the Spark of World War I on an Upcoming Segment

Enterprises TV will examine the events that led to "The War to End All Wars" which transpired 100 years, and many more wars, ago.

Online PR News – 01-July-2014 – Coral Springs, Florida – Enterprises TV will report that it's been a full century since the bullets were fired that sparked World War I, which eventually led to World War II. What have we learned about international diplomacy and cross-border relations when we are now looking at a powder keg in the Crimean region that could result in yet another sequel to this story? On June 28, 1914, shots rang out in the streets of Sarajevo, Serbia, resulting in the deaths of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, the enshrining of Gavrilo Princip in the assassin halls of fame and the sparking of the first "world war" in the era of mass media. The political intrigue already rampant throughout Europe, even though most of the royal houses were linked by inter-marriage, just needed this single spark to erupt into the most costly war in recorded history -- until its successor. With all that is now known, along with the advantage of 2020 hindsight, will cooler heads prevail as the world watches the events in the Ukraine and Crimean Peninsula?

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