Reduce Carbon Pollution and Help reduce Global Warming – ECOFuelMaximizer

No one can say our weather patterns hasn’t’ changed. The scientific opinion is that it is extremely likely Global warming is caused by Humans (Wikipedia).

Online PR News – 01-July-2014 – West Palm Beach/Florida – The time to act is now! In recent years extreme Rain, Snow, Ice storms, Tornadoes, and flooding have been continually getting worse. We need to realize that Humans are the major cause and do something to help stop omitting excessive Hydro Carbons into the atmosphere.

The leading worldwide major contributors to pollution is Automobiles and Trucks. There are two proven methods to help reduce the Carbon footprint in Gasoline and Diesel engines.

By reducing the Carbon Pollution a savings in fuel can be obtained between 10% and 50%. Two methods to increase fuel economy and reduce pollution are:

1. ECOFuelMaximizer is an inline fuel enhancer that can reduce internal combustion engines Carbon Footprint between 40% to 60% with a 10%+ in fuel savings. It is a low cost, No Chemical, No Maintenance solution. Currently installed on thousands of School Buses, Police Cars, Delivery Trucks and Marine applications. To help in the fight, the manufacturer offers a 90 day full refund Guarantee, the public has nothing to lose.
2. Hydro Dynamo Booster is a state of the art Hydrogen Booster that has improvements others do not have. It can reduce an engines Carbon Footprint 90%+ and can increase fuel savings as much as 50%. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Our environment needs the public’s help. Governmental agencies react slowly and to date little is being accomplished. These two options offer immediate assistance to the reduction of Carbon Pollution and Fuel use. It is the duty of the Public around the world to put forth the effort to help resolve this Global issue.

Hydro Dynamics HHO, Inc. is constantly looking for the latest technologies to help our environment and increase fuel efficiency. Hydro Dynamics now offers the ECOFuelMaximizer with all its products. Individuals and Companies who are interested in learning more about the new Hydrogen technologies that can help reduce fuel costs and Carbon Pollution call or email us for the latest information and updates.

GO GREEN – Burn Clean!