My Ticket Rescue Has Started Accepting Payment Plans For DUI/DWI Clients

My Ticket Rescue DUI Attorney Firm in California Announces the Acceptance of Payment Plans For Their DUI Clients

Online PR News – 01-July-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Considering the growing demand for DUI Lawyers, My Ticket Rescue announces the acceptance of payment plans from their clients at minimal charge. As a professional law firm they specialize in helping California drivers that face legal charges and court hardships due to traffic violations. With a professional, honest and committed legal staff that is dedicated to making each case process as smooth and painless as possible they act promptly and accordingly to do everything they can in order to resolve every legal dispute. Source says that the firm sees an impressive demand for DUI lawyers among DUI traffic ticket bearers; Hence to better reach the prospective clients, the firm has decided to take their fees in installments. The firm attorney is certain that this decision will help support the California drivers who face DUI charges and are unable to afford an attorney. They also believe that with the choice to accept payment plans, they hope to draw a larger clientele.

Over the years of attending court hearings, arraignments, trials and so on, My Ticket Rescue has built professional relationships with judges and courtroom clerks all over California such as Orange County, Riverside County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Ventura County.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer who has handled many DUI cases around California says that the California law holds "guilty until proven innocent", which is why the firm has taken up the mission of achieving the best possible result by providing the best customer service. He further emphasized on the need of hiring well trained professionals to best handle the DUI cases. In this context, he referred to the fact that a DUI is an intricate field of law, coupled with numerous amounts of politics and that penalties from a DUI conviction can be severe. Not just the fines are imposed but various other penalties gets triggered such as jail imprisonment, suspension or restriction of driving privileges, enrollment at a drug and alcohol abuse classes, increased insurance premium costs, etc. This is why My Ticket Rescue aims to be a better supporting hand with its new strategy of accepting payment plans from clients.