Advance Pediatric Therapy Owner Alicia Kokemor Rossow Launches Summer Social Skills Program

Advance Pediatric Therapy owner Alicia Kokemor Rossow is proud to announce a summer social skills training program for pediatric language disorders.

Online PR News – 28-June-2014 – Round Rock, TX – This month has been an exciting one for Alicia Kokemor Rossow’s Advance Pediatric Therapy. The speech pathology practice launched a summer social skills training program for language-disordered children in the beginning of June. This program put children into training groups so they could put skills they learned in one-on-one sessions to use in social settings.

According to Alicia Kokemor Rossow, “For many children, learning to overcome a communication issue in a one-on-one setting with a trusted therapist is an entirely different challenge from overcoming a communication issue in a group setting. Groups are by nature more intimidating, as the interactions ar not predictable and happen so quickly. Because speech and language are so important for young children, especially when they enter an academic setting, teaching children how to use their speech and language skills during “peer” or group conversations is an important tool.”

or group conversations is an important tool.

Group speech therapy can facilitate the carryover of skills learned in individual speech sessions. The earliest attempts at teaching speech therapy in group settings occurred during the 1950s. Ollie Backus and Jane Beasley were two researchers who sought to place the focus of speech therapy on group work and using speech in social situations. Since the overall goal of speech therapy is to allow children to communicate effectively, teaching social skills group setting and simulating typical social situations is a reasonable method. Unfortunately, it went largely unused until the 1970s, and even today many speech language pathologists concentrate only on one-on-one sessions and some do not even offer group or social skills training at all. Alicia Kokemor Rossow still recognizes its importance, however, and implements group therapy at Advanced Pediatric Therapy when appropriate.

At times, group therapy is recommended and can be a very important part of a child’s communication development, says Alicia Kokemor Rossow. It is the therapist’s job to facilitate a conversation or multiple conversations which can involve all patients and address all patients’ needs, some of which may differ greatly from one another. Furthermore, Alicia Kokemor Rossow teaches children how to become effective communicators in a group setting with their peers. This can help them become more successful communicators for the rest of their lives.

At Advanced Pediatric Therapy, Alicia Kokemor Rossow ensures that children are treated in one-on-one sessions with therapists so that their individual needs can be best addressed. But to ensure that her clients also receive important group training and social skills, the summer training groups are offered. By putting children with their peers in a situation where all can see that they are not alone in their speech or language struggles, Alicia Kokemor Rossow says you can foster friendships and improve children’s self esteem.

For Alicia Kokemor Rossow, the goal is not to simply teach children how to speak in structured and controlled setting such as the speech therapy session. Pediatric speech therapy means much more than that: it is helping children overcome their personal speech and language difficulties so they become effective communicators for the rest of their lives, no matter the social setting.

About: Alicia Kokemor Rossow is the owner and top professional at Advanced Pediatric Therapy.