Jane Turbes Provides Useful Tips for Better Team Leadership

Jane Turbes is an experienced and skilled team leader. She understands how difficult it can often be to step in to a leadership position.

Online PR News – 28-June-2014 – Greenwood Village, CO – Jane Turbes recently accepted the position of Community Manager with Hammersmith Management, Inc., and is now charged with multiple and varying leadership responsibilities that provide significant challenges and obstacles on a daily basis. She was offered this management position, in large part, due to her proven skill and years of experience as a team leader in the professional community. Her experience in team leadership and management has proven useful to the Hammersmith Management firm, and has given her the opportunity to take on a larger and more comprehensive leadership role.

As a successful leader, Jane Turbes understands how frustrating, and perhaps even overwhelming, a new leadership position can be, even to the most seasoned of leadership professionals. Below, Jane Turbes shares several helpful tips on how make your transition into a new leadership or management position both smoother, easier and more successful.

Be Adaptable

It’s important, says Jane Turbes, to not have a preconceived plan when coming into a new team-oriented situation. Though it is important to eventually develop a plan, she says, it is also necessary to immerse yourself in the new professional culture, and to encourage existing employees to share their thoughts and concerns with you about the best ways to proceed with certain issues. Be sure, she says, to be open to adapting to your new environment.

Absorb Information

Before committing to any course of action, says Jane Turbes, be sure to educate yourself on the many unique aspects of your team and your new work environment. Try to make yourself present at as many meetings, discussions and conversations as possible, and to ask any and all questions you need to find out as much as possible about organizational operation. Better plans, says Jane Turbes, are derived from better and more comprehensive information. The more you know, the better your chances are for leadership success.

Hold Back the Changes

Don’t be too hasty, she says, about making changes, particularly right from the beginning. Be prepared, says Jane Turbes, to recognize and familiarize yourself with workplace patterns, and to earn the trust of your team before making any drastic or dramatic alterations to team processes. Take into account certain patterns of behavior before slicing away at current processes.

Respect Existing Employees

Chances are, says Jane Turbes, which you are walking into a situation with people that have been with the team or company for quite a while, and have become mainstays of the particular environment. Be sure, she says, to give existing employees their due, not only because they’ve put in their time with the company, but also because they could potentially be major sources of insight and knowledge in to existing processes and operation.

Focus on Strengths

Jane Turbes recognizes the strengths of her team members, and works to build on those strengths instead of focusing on weaknesses right from the start. Learn to build on your team’s expertise, experience and knowhow, as well as how those strengths can continue to be applied towards the obtainment of company objectives.

About: Jane Turbes is an exemplary team leader, as well as one of the newest members of the Hammersmith Management team.