Solving Math Problems–Summer Enrichment Program for Kids Grade 2-3 in Chatham, NJ on July 7–11, 2014

East West Math is introducing summer math program for kids in July.

Online PR News – 28-June-2014 – Chatham – East West Math is introducing summer math program for kids in July. The focus of the program is on solving math problems – helping children with solving challenging math problems. They are as complex as they are fun, but they are also helping parents to enhance math skills in their children.
There is no way to stress how important math skills are for children during their school years and for their future careers. Early development of problem solving skills gives children solid foundation for any future achievements in math and science.
And summer is the perfect time to polish your child’s math skills! Outside of the classroom and in the group of fellow fans of math your children can work on math problems without any pressure or fear of failing. The activities prepared by East West Math allow children to discover the rules of math like they never did before, they are challenged with complex math problems, which are at the same time “out of the ordinary” and “hands on” practical.
The Summer Enrichment Program is designed for students in grade 2-3 with no additional requirements regarding the level of understanding math – our teachers are experienced not only in explaining math problems, but also in motivating students to overcome their fear of math and aim higher.
During the 5 day enrichment program children will learn how to solve math problems with model drawing and they will investigate the intriguing hidden patterns in subtraction problems like real math detectives! A full day will be allocated to solving word problems with Bar Modeling and exploring shapes with Pattern Blocks – the key abilities, which allow children to visualize even the most abstract math concepts. During the third day the children will continue to investigate shapes and learn to create “Broken Heart Tangram”. Next comes the training in model drawing and investigating 3D shapes. The children will make a dice, which they are going to use to explore mathematics during the 5th day of the program. The final day of the Summer Enrichment Program will be also dedicated to practicing solving math problems with Bar Modeling.
As a result of the training, your children will gain better understanding of basic arithmetic operations and key concepts in geometry, such as shapes and sizes of figures. The participants will learn how to apply Bar Modeling to different math problems and how to divide complex problems into easier steps and solve them. Most importantly, your children will gain greater confidence in their math abilities; they will learn how to approach math problems in a creative way and solve them without anybody’s help.
The parents of the participants will have a unique opportunity to see how their children perceive math problems and will learn how to use techniques such as Bar Modeling and tools such as plane and 3D figures to help their children better understand math concepts. By learning together with their children, parents will have a chance to gain a deeper understanding of math concepts and they will discover creative ways to teach math and motivate children.
Spend this summer in a fun, creative and educative way – join our Summer Enrichment Program. For more information visit:
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