Randy Dunnett Celebrates a Decade of Business in Chicago

Randy Dunnett is the co-owner of the Force Elite Baseball Club in Chicago. He has had a successful business presence in Chicago for a decade.

Online PR News – 28-June-2014 – Chicago, IL – Randy Dunnett is a native of Chicago, Illinois and has played baseball in the area for fifteen years. In December of 1999, he earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Belmont University and joined the minor leagues with the Cook County Cheetahs (Windy City Thunderbolts). Building off of this solid educational background and training, Randy Dunnett has achieved a successful career as a baseball player and business owner over the last decade.

In 2004, Randy Dunnett opened the Finish Strong Indoor Sportsplex, an indoor baseball facility, to give Chicago baseball players access to state of the art equipment. The Sportsplex is one of the only indoor facilities in Chicago, which means that players train year round and have a distinct advantage on the field.

Since its inauguration in 2004, the Sportsplex has been open to the general public. For a decade, it has been a great resource and fun workout space for the Westside of Chicago. For Randy Dunnett, being a responsible business owner means investing in the community, so he built a space that would give high quality baseball facility access to all baseball players in Chicago.

Once the Sportsplex had grown its client base, Randy Dunnett opened Force Elite Baseball Club to train baseball players of all ages. Since Force Elite Baseball opened in 2011, Randy Dunnett’s number of clients has increased dramatically, but he still provides each one with unbeatable mentorship and instruction. His dedication to his clients and expert knowledge of baseball and business strategies has made Force Elite Baseball one of the top baseball training programs in Chicago.

At over 32,000 square feet, the Force Elite Baseball training facility offers players access to state of the art equipment and experienced professional staff. The facility allows for players to receive professional quality training in a wide-open space that provides the versatility needed for practice efficiency and quality. Players receive unbeatable expertise and insight into baseball’s various components.

Randy Dunnett takes pride in owning a business in his hometown of Chicago. Growing up here instilled in him a sense of Chicago history, especially the rich sports legacies found in Chicago. He hopes to find his place within that history, and after a decade of service to the communities of Chicago, he seems to be finding his way.

After a decade of successful business, Randy Dunnett has clearly become a leading provider of baseball instruction not only in Chicago, but also the state of Illinois at large. Randy Dunnett has shown over and over his dedication to the community he works with. By developing state of the art baseball training facilities conveniently located in West Chicago, Randy Dunnett is doing his part to give Chicago baseball players a cutting edge advantage on the field.

About: As one of the owners of Force Elite Baseball, Randy Dunnett has shown that his dedication to client improvement and professional business ethic is the key to a successful organization in Chicago. Each year, Force Elite Baseball has grown in popularity, and Randy Dunnett is optimistic about the organization’s future. The esteem and renown of The Sportsplex and Force Elite Baseball show Randy Dunnett’s ability to provide expert instruction to Chicagoans for more decades to come.