Alexander Scharf Launches Fund to Invest in NNN Leased Properties

Alexander Scharf is celebrating the creation of a new fund to invest in NNN leased properties across the nation.

Online PR News – 28-June-2014 – New York City, New York – Alexander Scharf has recently launched a new fund to invest in NNN properties across the United States. Standing for Net-Net-Net, an NNN investment leases ares structured as turnkey investment in which tenants are responsible for paying operating expenses, property tax, insurance, and maintenance costs; all of which are the most common costs associated with property ownership.

Alexander Scharf has built a track-record of success in many areas, including business, real estate and hospitality. Alexander Scharf is the owner of several successful hospitality ventures and is the owner of numerous multifamily properties. Alexander Scharf operates a wide-range of properties including 6 Independent Luxury Senior Residences.

Alexander Scharf is widely renowned in the real estate industry. Among the many accomplishments in Alexander Scharf’s real estate career was his renovation of the the Staten Island Hotel, a landmark in Staten Island that had fallen into despair. Alexander Scharf transformed the hotel into the finest Independent Senior Living Residence in Staten Island. Alexander Scharf worked diligently to preserve historical features of the property to ensure that the building would still possess its historical charm. Also in New York, Alexander Scharf owns 2 highly successful affordable extended stay hotels as well as a variety of other properties. Alexander Scharf has also successfully converted hundreds of residential units into condominium ownership throughout New York City.

The new investment fund launched by Alexander Scharf appeals to a vast-array of potential investors seeking solid cash on cash returns on their investments. Alexander Scharf is very excited about the potential of the investment fund.

“The investment fund provides an excellent opportunity for investors interested in NNN leased properties around the country. I am very happy about the potential of the fund and am looking forward to successful results.” says Alexander Scharf.

In general, NNN investments pose relatively light risk to investors, especially when a national credit tenant is the tenant.

Alexander Scharf says that the opportunities for development are vast when it comes to NNN leased investments.

Some notable NNN tenants include commercial tenants such as Starbucks and Metro PCS, which share building space under 2 separate NNN leased investments. Other commercial NNN tenants include all major dollar store chains including Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree.

Alexander Scharf is dedicated to his involvement with the new fund as its creator. Alexander Scharf is excited about the vast potential of the fund. Also, Alexander Scharf has continued to develop a number of other successes in the world of real estate as well as hospitality.

Alexander Scharf is the Vice President of the Lloyd Capital Corporation. Lloyd Capital Corporation is an SBIC that provides equity as well as venture capital to numerous small businesses. He provides high-quality leadership and direction to the Lloyd Capital Corporation, and continues to provide his clients with superior quality and attentive service.

Alexander Scharf is a devoted and loyal member of the Lloyd Capital team, and is hopeful to be a part of the team for many years to come.

Alexander Scharf is a well-respected and notable professional in the real estate community.

About: Alexander Scharf is a leading real estate professional. Alexander Scharf is a graduate of Bernard Burch University.