ParentsMatterToo Expands Online Video Series To Provide Expert Advice to Parents of At-Risk Children

Naperville-based ParentsMatterToo expands its video series of tips to provide help for parents who need support developing healthy behaviors in their children.

Online PR News – 27-June-2014 – Naperville, IL – ParentsMatterToo, a Naperville-based parenting resource, has expanded their series of video parenting tips. These free videos cover a broad range of parenting topics from teenagers and drugs, alcohol and drug prevention to bullying and schoolwork. The videos feature advice from professionals and community experts in various fields. All can be found on the grassroots organization’s website at:

"We originally created these videos to help combat the heroin problems and other struggles parents are facing with their teens, but quickly expanded to other topics as we saw a need. We are trying to build a bridge for parents who are looking for advice by providing them with answers. Not many parents know where to go or who to talk to. The videos are there to support parents and offer a safe and anonymous way to find information," explained Bridget Hatch, Marketing and Event Manager at Kids Matter.

The videos allow local professionals and community experts to provide help for parents in a way that is easy for parents to access and builds trust with the organization through their expert network.

"Building trust with parents through videos is great because there's a face to go with the name of each expert,” said Bridget Hatch

ParentsMatterToo recently uploaded 21 new videos to their website bringing the total number of videos to over 70. Topics include those such as "My Child Is Becoming More Moody, Argumentative And Making Some Poor Choices; What Is Going On And What Can I Do About It?" and "What Can Parents Do to Discourage Drug Use?"

The videos are divided into the following categories:

• Drugs & Alcohol
• Family & Relationships
• Bullying & Cybercrimes
• Schoolwork & Competition
• Depression & Self-Harm
• Anxiety & Stress
• Teenage Sex & Pornography

To access the videos, parents simply navigate to "Ask An Expert", then "View Other Q & A's" and choose from the menu options.

ParentsMatterToo is a KidsMatter Initiative dedicated to providing parents with resources and opportunities for nonjudgmental discussions about the struggles of parenthood. The organization provides support for parents in a safe environment where they can freely discuss at-risk behaviors and situations with other parents and facilitators. The ultimate goal of the organization is to strengthen the fabric of families and the community at-large.

"This is a community movement. Businesses, churches, schools and mental health facilities are all involved in helping to build resilient kids and families," said Hatch.

For more information about ParentsMatterToo or to view videos, visit

About ParentsMatterToo: ParentsMatterToo is an Innovative Initiative coordinated by KidsMatter, including representatives from schools, faith communities and businesses. This Initiative is empowering a Network of Connected Parents who are committed to providing nonjudgmental opportunities to share struggles, provide support, and ultimately strengthen the fabric of our families and communities. Parent Conversation Circles offer parents a safe environment to discuss at-risk situations and be strengthened to challenge their children’s choices about social issues, drugs and alcohol.

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