Plant Stem Cells are Back in Best Eye Cream By Michelle, with a New Twist

When infused with hyaluronic acid Iris Pallida functions like nothing else to protect and reinforce skin while increasing cell regeneration.

Online PR News – 27-June-2014 – Farmington/MI – M&M Beauty and Wellness, LLC recently announced the release of their new, improved formulation of their popular Best Eye Cream by Michelle. The company characterizes the new formula as a "combination hybrid" eye cream, part cream and part gel, where Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care intersects with a Stem Cell Cream infused with All Even Sweet Iris. In a crowded field of, literally, thousands of hyaluronic acid serums, all consisting of more or less the same thing, this is a completely and utterly different animal.

While stem cells in skin creams still seem slightly outlandish to some users, a passing fad to others, studies have shown considerable possibilities for their employment in anti-aging. For users who need some reassurance when it comes to the products they use on their skin, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to plant stem cells. In fact, the stem cells used in cosmetics are entirely different from those employed by medicine. Stem cells themselves are multi-purpose cells able to be utilized by the body for a variety of purposes. Basically, they can develop into any kind of cell in the body. Skin contains many stem cells, which are highly susceptible to outside factors and stresses, which can cause many of the most common skincare problems.

Plant stem cells happen to be surprisingly low-tech. At their base form, they are simply plant extracts, which can help stimulate the cells already present in the skin. They do this in two different ways: 1) growth factors, which help to regrow skin cells and firm skin which has naturally lost its elasticity over time by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and 2) by regulating the division of skin cells over time, which helps to slow new lines and wrinkles from forming. Thus, they are a dual-functioning product, which helps treat and prevent a host of skin issues.

The French Connection:
The core stem cell component in Best Eye Cream by Michelle, All Even Sweet Iris, is an extraction supplied by Naolys Labs(TM), a Cestas Pierroton (Bordeaux), France based cosmetics industry pioneer. According to the company "Naloys actives, holding a world patent, are produced from an innovative and unique biotechnology process based on an industrial scale production of active plant cells."

Matt Lambi with M&M Beauty and Wellness, LLC said, "We are pleased to offer our customers this new product that includes ingredients featured in some of the most intriguing, anti-aging research currently being undertaken anywhere."

Best Eye Cream by Michelle, is not tested on animals. It is backed by the company's "Simple No Brainer Guarantee" which states: "Try it. If you don't lIke it, return it. No Hassle. No questions asked. It's that simple". It is currently available exclusively on Amazon at the following.