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Online PR News – 27-June-2014 – Arizona – As technology is getting more advanced and sophisticated day by day, people all around the world are becoming much more technology friendly. The world has already gone through a transition where the internet has turned the world into a global village, meaning boundaries no more matter to people sitting in various corners of the world. MeetOrbit is the future of social media, it the brainchild of highly motivated individuals who had been working to create a platform that would help online users and social media users to connect to their friends, family, mentor in a better fashion.

“When we thought of creating a dynamic social platform we had a huge task ahead of us, because conceptualising an idea is just the initial step. While brining the idea to life is the second and the most important step. Creating a dynamic social platform that would help the users benefit from it in not one but many way was definitely a challenging task for all our team mates, but at the end we succeeded. MeetOrbit is a digital platform which provides to the online community of social media users a new way to connect to their friends, family and mentors that would enrich their personal and professional lives. The basic driving force behind MeetOrbit was to encourage online users to make use of new and ground-breaking technologies that would help them unite with their close ones and mentors, which in turn would augment their social, personal and professionals lives” stated the owner of the future of social media, MeetOrbit.

The dynamic social media platform offered by the company, facilitates communication amongst its users using various channels of communication for example, MeetOrbit offers discussion forums, free live video chats, free online voice chats and instant messaging, in order to help individuals communicate in a better fashion. We all are well aware of the power of social media and this digital platform promises to offer the future of social media, which makes it a much more attractive and exciting option for all social media users definitely.

At MeetOrbit, the uses can make use of free online voice chats and video chats to conduct discussions and conversations amongst likeminded professionals or with mentors so that the user can absorb a good amount of relevant knowledge and information. For more information please feel free to visit our website which would surely provide answers to all your queries.™
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