LJ Shopping Announces Free Shipping For Over $65 Purchase Of Perfumes

LJ Shopping who has over 7000 perfumes and colognes in their stock provides free shipping for perfumes bought over $65. Read More.....

Online PR News – 27-June-2014 – South Ozone Park / NY – LJ shopping offers quality products of perfumes for customers. They cater to individuals as well to small entrepreneurs with their wide variety of fragrances and perfumes. While individual get their best deals in this shop small business people get an opportunity to grow through name brand fragrances. They provide a separate list for wholesale prices. Their warehouse is located at Queens, New York City, US. All orders are dispatched within 24 hours from here.

LJ Shopping proudly presents acqua gio perfumes and colognes in their showcases. These are products created from the design house of Italian Giorgio Armani in 1997. They can be used for causal occasion. They are created with scintillating combination of citrus notes, jasmine, rosemary spiciness and wood base. The woody fragrance with little bitter citrus tone reminds outdoors for men. 30 % Coupons are available for these brands in this shop. However, there are no coupons for wholesale orders. LJ Shopping has 19 aqua gio products for men and 21 for women. Acqua di Gio Sprays and perfumes are available for women. Acqua di Gio colognes, gift sets, bath & body deodorant sprays and testers are available for men. The popular brands in acqua gio series are Acqua di Gioia, Acqua di Gioia Essenza, Acqua di Roma and Giorgio Armani.

Purchasing a brand name perfume is quite an expensive affair. Not many can afford for it. However, the scenario has changed due to the introduction of online shops. Since they deal with the international brand manufacturers directly they can afford to sell at reduced prices. Customers have only to find such standard shops where they have all branded products under their roof. Purchasing online, having the power to select any world famous brand in one place and more importantly the discount offers they provide – all make the purchase of branded perfumes easy.

Calvin Klein is the most sensation brand in the fashion industry with their captivating apparel, accessories and perfumes. Now it is owned by Philips Van Heusen. Calvin Klein Perfumes have so many varieties in the fragrances and so they are a legend in this field. LJ Shopping offers 196 fragrances for men, 170 perfumes for women and 15 varieties of perfumes for both. Even for the kids they present one lovely variety gift set.

About LJ Shopping

LJ shopping.net is an online shop for perfumes head quartered in New York City. They are specialists in selling online perfumes for women, men, gift sets, bath & body, cosmetics, testers and miniatures. For more information, please visit : http://www.ljshopping.net/