Hydro Spas: Taking Conventional Spa Treatment Further With SK Skin

Hydro spas take spa treatments one step further by utilising revitalising hot water on the body for more thorough results.

Online PR News – 27-June-2014 – 6/26/2014 - Ryde – Sydney, Australia – With so many conventional spas littered throughout New South Wales, Australians may find themselves spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a relaxing and rejuvenation therapy session. Not so. While most spa treatments are only a cosmetic luxury and a form of de-stressing offered by beauty service providers, SK Skin Clinic and Day Spa successfully combines decades of both health and wellness to offer revitalising hydro spas that have multiple health benefits.

What exactly are hydro spa treatments and what added ingredients provide additional perks above and beyond conventional spas? Hydro spas take spa treatments one step further by utilising revitalising hot water on the body for more thorough results. SK Skin’s myriad of experienced therapists do this by using only the equally trusted science-based skincare brand Skeyndor to give you the best hydro spas in the country.

SK Skin’s massage and skincare therapists - who have a combined experience over 30 years – start by combining Vichy water massages and essential oils-infused warm water treatment. Here, the body will be soaked in warm water causing it to relax. At the same time, the essential oils in the water are absorbed into your skin and will start working to rejuvenate it by introducing nutrients whilst wiping out fatigue and relieving stress muscles after a long day at work.

Next, your personal SK Skin massage therapist will start the Vichy water massage treatment by using shower jets to pour water over your body and ensure therapeutic targeting of fatigued areas. Later you will enjoy a professional water massage that ensures all the weariness is kneaded and rubbed out of your entire body.

In addition, hydro spa treatments provide muscle, pain, stress, and depression relief; as well as helping to allay the effects of insomnia. Due to constant use through work and play, your muscles are always put through their paces and amass lots of fatigue. The hydrotherapy sessions work to relax and invigorate tired muscles, removing tension and when performed after a remedial massage session, results in complete relaxation. Insomnia sufferers can also look forward to additional benefits from this all-around relaxation effect as a body that has loosened up is more likely to get a good, long sleep at the end of the day.

When taken with other forms of holistic and organic spa treatments like Presor therapy, hydro spas can also lead to lymphatic drainage massages that relieve pain, stress, and depression. Not only can water relax the body, it also alleviates chronic pain without using pain medications. Hydrotherapy in turn helps increase the production of dopamine, a natural anti-depressant.

Not only is the service top-notch at SK Skin, one hydro spa session costs a mere $65, or $45 when added on to our other facial, body and additional treatments. All towels and garments are included, as well as free organic teas to sip while you relax the toxins away. Looking for additional pampering? Treat yourself to our premium Vichy Chocolate Treat hydro spa session for $155.

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