Reno Spine Surgeon Says Lower Back Pain Can Be Caused By Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Dr. James Olson says sacroiliac, or SI joint dysfunction can cause lower back pain similar to that of spinal disc pain, so correct diagnosis is essential.

Online PR News – 26-June-2014 – Reno, NV – "Lower back pain affects people of all ages and may be caused by a number of factors including Sacroiliac, or SI joint dysfunction,” says Reno spine surgeon Dr. James Olson. “SI joint problems commonly mimic spinal disc pain. Because of this, SI joint dysfunction may be overlooked or not properly diagnosed if the doctor is not assessing the condition of a patient’s SI joint.”

The SI Joint is located in the pelvis; it plays an essential role providing shock absorption to prevent impact forces from reaching the spine during walking and other activities. The SI joint links the iliac bones, or pelvis to the sacrum, the part of the spine just above the tailbone.

Dr. Olson says a common method to determine whether the SI joint is the cause of a patient’s low back pain consists of injecting the SI joint with a local anesthetic. If the symptoms are decreased by the anesthetic it can be determined that the SI joint is either the cause of, or a major contributor to the patient’s symptoms. Some patients will benefit from a conservative course of treatment while others will require SI joint fusion. “With minimally invasive SI joint fusion patients can walk immediately after the procedure and will experience a quick recovery,” says Dr. Olson.

Dr. Olson utilyzes The X-spine Silex™ Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System which consists of two unique diameter cannulated implants offered in various lengths, in full and partially threaded configurations to accommodate variations in patient anatomy. It is intended for sacroiliac joint fusion for conditions including degenerative sacroiliitis and sacroiliac joint disruptions. A distinctive sacroiliac joint fusion system designed to promote fusion using titanium plasma-coated anchor implants fenestrated for bone graft introduction along with cannulated titanium locking implants.

“SI joint fusion may also be beneficial for patients who have had a lumbar spinal fusion but continue to experience persistent lower back pain,” says Dr. Olson.

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About Dr. Olson
James H. Olson, MD is a Fellowship Trained Spine Surgeon and Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Olson graduated Magna Cum Laude from the St. Louis University School of Medicine. He furthered his education with an internship in the Emergency room at Harbor UCLA Medical Center, following that with his residency in Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Olson joined Sierra Regional Spine Institute in February of 2003 as a Fellowship Trained spine surgeon.

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