See Spot, Run Away…and Find His Way Home w/!!

New Social Media website for pet owners offers an interactive map for finding lost pets and various other tools to help you take care of your pets.

Online PR News – 27-June-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – LOS ANGELES, CA. (June 17, 2014) – According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), more than 10 million pets are reported lost each year. Sadly, many of these pets will never be returned to their rightful owners, with far too many headed to already overcrowded shelters. However, one company will soon offer an innovative way for pet owners – and their online friends – to quickly report or locate lost or found pets using an interactive map system and be alerted when lost or found pets are within their neighborhood via their Petz Map. is a brand new social network that allows pet owners to store all of their pet’s information in a secure manner and give those pet owners a variety of tools to keep their pets safe. Going live on June 17, PetzInfo will also allow pet owners to socially share photos, stories and videos of their pets and connect with other pet owners. Other features of are the Petz Alerts and Petz Records tools, which revolutionize how pet owners care for their pets by allowing them to store their pet’s records and set alerts for their pet’s needs online, making this information accessible to the pet owner anytime from any computer, smartphone or tablet device.

According to Andrew Prince, CEO and co-founder of PetzInfo, having a couple terrifying experiences with his own pets is what drove him to develop the idea for PetzInfo and its various tools to help all pet owners. “My dogs are pretty rambunctious and like to go on their own adventures and explore our neighborhood,” Prince says. “One day, one of them got out of the yard and went missing for a week. We posted hundreds of flyers, only to have the city tear them down hours later. So I thought why not build a website that uses modern technology to quickly spread the word of missing pets to everyone in the neighborhood. That way, everyone in our community can quickly be alerted when pets have been reported lost or found, saving the pet owner money and helping their pet get home quickly and safely.”

Norvell Thomas, PetzInfo’s COO and co-founder, says the popularity of social networking and pet owner’s desire to have more direct control over their pet’s information was another catalyst for starting the new site. “Quite honestly, I am always losing my pet’s paperwork, vet bills and other important documents,” Thomas says. “Andrew and I figured we needed a better way to store all of our pet’s health records, and other vital information in a secure online location that we can access at any time.”

To further help keep your pet safe, PetzInfo also offers high quality QR Identification Tags that integrate seamlessly with their main website. A normal pet tag comes with just an engraved name and telephone number for you to call should your animal go missing. However, PetzInfo’s QR ID Tags allows anyone with a smartphone to quickly scan the tag to see that pet owner’s contact name and number; the pet’s information including regular and emergency veterinarian information; media and lots more. Anytime the QR I.D. tag is scanned, it will also allow the user to quickly contact the pet’s owner via phone or through a contact form that notifies the owner immediately via email and a message. These QR ID Tags are available in two sizes (Large & Small) and are used for all types of pets.

The PetzInfo QR Identification Tags will be available for purchase starting Tuesday, June 17 starting at $12.99 and can be found at

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