Introducing Redefining Opportunities for Nurses. A company Founded by Nurses.
06/27/2014 is a company with the mission to Redefine Nursing with the sole intent to make the Nursing Profession easily accessible and valued.

Online PR News – 27-June-2014 – Boston, MA – Introducing The New Service Redefining Job Opportunities For Nurses Nationwide.

In the U.S. today, the average age of a nurse is 55 years of age. This means, in coming years, up to 50% of the current nursing force will have the option of retiring. As a result, we as a country could lose many of our practicing nurses. With the ever-growing need for healthcare, and an aging population, this poses a serious problem.

In light of this problem, was founded.

Designed by nurses for nurses, creates a new environment where employers and nurses can connect directly. All the nurse needs to do is create a personalized profile on our website. From there, nurses can search for jobs based on interest, location, hours, and rates—all from the comfort of their homes. also caters to those in need of care. Employers can search at their own leisure through a database of nurses actively seeking employment. They also have the ability to refine their search for nurses based on experience, education, skills, times, locations, and rates. The employer can then connect directly with prospective nurses to decide if they are the perfect candidate for the job.

Moreover, has already proven itself to be a successful service. By word-of-mouth alone, registered 350 nurses nationwide. Imagine the type of career management and corporate recruiting opportunities a service such as is capable of providing. understands the demanding nature of the profession, and the uncertainty that comes with the day-to-day fluctuation of patients. That is why empowers nurses by creating a service that optimizes their schedules as well as meets their individual needs. That way, nurses of all ages can continue the practice they love and provide patients with the care they deserve.

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