LTL Freight Center Plans To Acquire Smaller LTL Brokerage Companies

LTL Freight Center, one of the most reputed LTL Freight Brokers has announced the company’s plan to acquire smaller LTL brokerage companies.

Online PR News – 25-June-2014 – USA – Houston, Texas - LTL Freight Center, one of the fastest growing LTL Freight Brokers has announced that the company is currently in an acquisition mode. LTL Freight Center is one of the fastest growing LTL Freight Brokers in Texas. LTL Freight Center attributes the company’s success to its ability to provide affordable and secure shipping solutions to customers. The company has turned out to be a one-stop shop for finding the cheapest LTL Freight Quotes. LTL Freight Center works with 81common LTL carriers spanning from North America to Canada. Access to robust technology and the high volume of business handled by the company allows LTL Freight Center to offer exceptional rates to the customers.
LTL Freight Center is planning to acquire smaller LTL Shipping Companies and full truckload non asset based companies. The industry leader in Less Than Truckload Shipping, since the inception and after being featured in Houston Business Journal (August 2011) has enjoyed unprecedented growth that far exceeds the competitors in the industry. The company claims that 100% of the growth has been organic.
Very confident about the company’s future, the CEO and Founder Dean McNeely states that, “Due to our rapid organic growth we are in an acquisition mode acquiring smaller mom/pop LTL brokerage companies and full truckload non asset based companies. We are really strategically positioned for 2015 as capacity tightens and LTL rates rise."
Dean McNeely continues to note that, "We are still in a rapid growth mode but feel it`s time to acquire some like companies that have long term relationships, quality people and solid management."
According to McNeely, there is also a huge demand in full truckload shipping. Daily numerous calls are received by LTL Freight Center from truckload brokers wanting to access the technology and the rates of the company.
The business model of LTL Freight Center makes the company stand out in the industry. The company does not ask for long term contracts despite which the company offers the most affordable LTL shipping solutions to the customers. LTL Freight Center has decades of cumulative experience in the shipping industry, which empowers the company in offering highly dependable LTL shipping solutions. LTL Freight Center stands out from the rest of the competition not only in terms of the affordable LTL freight quotes but also in terms of the standard of the customer service offered. Customers receive unmatched customer support regardless of the volume of business. The unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction makes LTL Freight Center to be the #1 service provider in the industry.


LTL Freight Center is a Texas based Less Than Truck Load Shipping company started in 2008. The company enjoys very positive reputation in the LTL shipping industry by offering exceptional services at the most affordable rates. The company works with a huge network of LTL companies across the nation to offer seamless LTL shipping solutions to customers. To learn further about LTL Freight Center please visit