Exciting New Investment Opportunity

Brand new Wellness app has just passed BETA and is now earmarked for full development and distribution. 200% plus investment opportunity.

Online PR News – 25-June-2014 – Christchurch/Dorset – Millions of people suffer aches and pains sitting in front of computers for long periods time which can lead to depression and stress-related illness. With a single click, PeakPerformr brings instant relief from discomfort using Award-winning 3D Yoga animation that demonstrates exactly how to stretch, breath and relax any part of the body. An interactive wellness questionnaire then calculates a wellness score that creates a personal info graph which charts progress and motivates the user to continue using the app.

PeakPerformr was built following an award from Creative England in recognition of the motivational value of the 3D Yoga animation produced by at the world renowned Bournemouth University National Computer Centre for Animation using motion capture software. The layered process of displaying the position of the skeleton, the muscles being engaged and the breath process created by the developer is unique in the world and is a now a trademark IP asset of the company.

Similar self-improvement apps that use interactive graphics and scores are registering up to 50 million global subscribers who are willing to pay $15 a month to train alongside the content. Key to this is the scientific evidence generated by research that proves effectiveness of the app in improving health, which is then used extensively in their marketing material.

With your help, we want to emulate this proven business model because during demonstrations of the prototype mobile app at both US & UK Health, Stress and Wellness conferences, we gained an immediate response to participate in clinical trials from University Psychology professors and multi-national Corporate HR executives to produce scientific evidence of significant ROI health benefits through regular use of PeakPerformr.

Our plan is to use this evidence to drive a powerful marketing campaign for both the retail app and occupational health market which supports the underlying premise of the app, which is that undertaking regular “structured breaks” all during day reduces stress and absenteeism, increases emotional resilience and leads to improved productivity. There is already plenty of research evidence to support this premise which the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has integrated into their branded initiative entitled “Total Worker Health”.

PeakPerformr has been specifically designed to meet this initiative by instantly delivering exercises to perform at any time during day, using state-of-the-art animation and audio tracks that are effective, with a visually engaging scoring system that encourages self-improvement through self-awareness.

Our goal is to make an inexpensive tool available to employers around the world that is scientifically proven to deliver financial AND health ROI gains to their company. We want to change the way we work from a seated, static position to a more fluid, active and engaged style which is endorsed by employers. People need to feel empowered to take charge of their health and the interactive tools contained within the app do just that, encouraging self-awareness with immediate responses to identified problems.

PeakPerformr bundles together the best technology to deliver a powerful solution to an identified need shared by millions of people. Once it has been proven to work, we believe that it will help to create a happier, healthier and and more engaging global work culture.

What We Need & What You Get

Earlier test versions of the proprietary 3D animation, developed over 5 years with a £22,000 Angel investment, included a mobile app entitled “Travel Yoga 3D/In the Plane & In the Car”, which received over 5000 downloads; and a demonstration DVD entitled “Office Yoga 3D”, which was tested at the Southampton Oceanographic Institute and generated requests for a desktop app version.

Following the receipt of a Creative England Starter £10K Award to build a prototype version, the company incorporated and produced the desktop app version, which is now available as a free 5-day download through the website: http://peakperformr.com. The company also received pre-qualification assurance from the UK HMRC to distribute Tax Credits under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme.

The company is now seeking to raise £150,000 to develop a full version for multi-platform distribution from a cloud in order to undertake clinical trials that will produce scientific evidence of significant health and productivity gains. This will enable us to create a diverse, digital marketing campaign that reaches the global self-improvement market and the occupational health intervention tool market.

The company is offering subscriptions to the app as perks, which include shares with UK Tax Credit Certificates that immediately provide for a return 50% of the amount invested.