Paramount California University creates an interactive forum for the contributors of be the change

Paramount California University is experiencing positivity around already whilst creating responsiveness for integrating one change in your lifestyle.

Online PR News – 25-June-2014 – Irvine, CA. –23- June- 2104 – Paramount California University is making it more energetic and interactive for people who are already following be the change campaign on daily bases. PCU is proud of the people who followed it and are now helping spread the word of positivity around.

To make this more prominent PCU has created an interactive forum from where the contributors of be the change campaign will be able to interact. Together people can brain storm more ideas. Seeing the enthusiasm around, active contributors will be able to give input through our interactive forum and will be able to share ideas.

“we started of something as small as smiling at someone or complimenting your colleague’s work to flip their day around, but looking at the enthusiasm and positivity it can go on and build something stronger” said the head of Marketing of Paramount California University, he also said “this campaign has the potential to make a more stronger statement impact on an international level”. Says the initiator of be the change concept.

PCU’s true objective of creating a change was to build a happier and lively world. Every day routine makes you forget the true meaning of your existence in the world and as a human being everyone has some responsibility. Reminding this objective of life to everyone, sheer happiness and enthusiasm for more goodness was observed.

This forum will help build a new world, for instance people from all over the world will get to communicate and exchange their ideas for better and a brighter tomorrow . PCU is inviting people who have a plan for brighter tomorrow.

“We appreciate all the efforts which are being made for Paramount California University’s be the change campaign. Individuals, community in neighborhood, either its small or large” Said the PCU’s Head of Marketing. Every little effort will make a difference and that’s precisely what Paramount California University has planned for”

About Paramount California University

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