HeartFeltDryerBalls.com Launches New Website

Heart Felt Dryer Balls Launches Exciting New Website to offer its global client base. Eco-Conscious Consumers Swoop on the launch cost-savings.

Online PR News – 25-June-2014 – Philadelphia/PA – Heart Felt Dryer Balls, a pure woollen, eco-friendly laundry product, has a brand-new website and is delighted with the feedback from customers. The product, a time and money-saving wool dryer ball set, is made use of in a clothes dryer to accelerate dry ime and naturally soften laundry. This brings about energy financial savings in addition to removing the requirement for dryer sheets and fabric softeners, a triple saving for eco-conscious consumers.

Advertising Sophie Porter stated "the eco-moms that are wanting to 'green-up' their homes enjoy managing to discover exactly just how these items work by seeing our video clips and seeing exactly just how the balls made. We even choped one in half to show that they are hand felted throughout and there are no affordable fillers or yarns of wool that could unwind. A bit of technical info increased sales, instead of consumers with science. They dislike green-wash so we have actually been very clear to handle assumptions and fully describe the product and its efficiency". Porter thinks that the customers enjoy the no-hype, clear truths and says they are especially thrilled to be the only New Zealand provider of pure wool dryer balls in the United States. The use of wool dryer balls with essential oils is showing to be a preferred selection with customers that add lavender and tea tree oil to naturally scent their washing.

Porter stated "our website is straightforward and we wished customers to know exactly what they are getting. The brand has to do with pure, clean and green New Zealand and this is mirrored in our product, our website and the complete consumer experience." The website is uncluttered and clean, with a simple link to Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JRIRQT4
) for those that wish to purchase.

Heart Felt Clothes dryer Balls are likewise on Facebook and speaker Sophie Porter stated she is delighted with the uptake. She stated "our primary market is eco-conscious moms, and those that utilize fabric baby diapers are very fast to recognize the moment financial savings from our product. They are an extremely social, online group. We have actually additionally seen substantial potential from websites such as Pinterest, Instagram and others yet we are doing something at a time, and doing them correctly.".

Heart Felt have actually been handing out lots of sets of wool dryer balls to allow customers trial them and post responses for their peers. "This social sharing is essential to our marketing approach and is the business's very first foray into social marketing," notes Howard. The number of moms utilizing cloth baby diapers is growing rapidly and the on the internet communities to support research into utilizing fabric baby diapers are very energetic.

Porter notes one more trend that has aided with the product's recent launch is cleansing homes by removing fake chemicals and contaminants. Anti-static sheet and fabric softeners, which consist of lots of synthetic scents and chemicals, can be eliminated with usage of dryer balls so Heart Felt Clothes dryer Balls are seeing great deals of customers trying to find all-natural alternatives.

www.HeartFeltDryerBalls.com has been celebrating summer with a new reduced price of $12.95. While the new website does not have a shopping cart, customers can easily move to other websites such as You Tube for educational video clips and amazon.com to make a purchase.