Global Goddess Beauty Launches Yet Another Nourishing Lash And Brow Conditioning Serum

Coconut Amla Lash & Brow Conditioner is now available in a paraben free, colorant free, sulfate free and fragrance free formulation for lush lashes and brows.

Online PR News – 24-June-2014 – Rancho Santa Fe, California – Just a couple months after introducing its Exotic Eyes Blackest Black Nourishing Mascara, Global Goddess Beauty releases another superior product that is loaded with healthful antioxidant rich ingredients that can address issues with thinning, breakage, brittleness, fallout and dullness of lashes and brows. The new and improved Coconut Amla Nourishing Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum is specially and expertly formulated with health conscious individuals in mind. Global Goddess Coconut Amla Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum is developed to nourish, protect, strengthen and repair; condition, hydrate and moisturize; and add shine and luster to lashes and brows. It prevents, decreases and treats lash fallout or damage that may be caused by sulfate based eye cosmetics including mascaras.

The global botanical ingredients from Mother Nature that are abundant in antioxidants and other nutrients used in this conditioning serum worth mentioning are:

Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract and Laminaria Digitata Extract - obtained from brown algae or seaweed found only along the shores of Europe, these extracts are filled with amino acids that fuel lash growth, prevent and treat damage, and give lashes and brows a natural shine and luster.
Cocos Nucifera Coconut Extract - found mostly in the tropics, coconut extract is rich in antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties. This extract is also an excellent humectant that hydrates, conditions and moisturizes.
Grape Seed Extract - Grape seeds’ oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes, flavonoids, Vitamin E and linoleic acid content help prevent free radical damage. This extract has been found to be effective in preventing and treating hair loss or for promoting lash and brow growth.
Urtica Dioica Nettle Extract - an herb used for centuries to treat multiple ailments because of its natural anti inflammatory effects, stinging nettle has been gaining popularity in treating hair loss.
Horse Chestnut Seed Extract - another herb high in active components escin and sterols with anti inflammatory benefits and antioxidant flavonoids with anti inflammatory and antibacterial activities.
Apple Fruit Extract - one of nature’s best gifts, apple’s vitamin and nutrient content helps rejuvenate and promote growth of dull, thin lashes and brows.
Witch Hazel Extract - has rejuvenating, medicinal and healing benefits. It adds volume, shine and luster, and prevents and reduces lash fallout.
Amla Fruit Extract - used in traditional medicine for thousands of years, this Indian Gooseberry extract is high in Vitamin C and polyphenols. It gives lashes and brows natural shine, prevents hair loss, and deeply conditions.
Rosa Damascena Flower Distillate - this expensive Bulgarian Rose extract has excellent emollient properties for moisturizing, conditioning and hydrating brows and lashes. It also offers antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties.

Global Goddess Coconut Amla Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum boasts of other natural ingredients with numerous nourishing benefits like Glycerin, Tocopherol Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate and Ascorbyl Palmitate.

Non irritating, colorant free and fragrance free, Coconut Amla Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum is the perfect product for those people with sensitive skin and eyes. It has a rich consistency yet it dries quickly and works its magic on every lash and brow with every application. Marjorie Poole, Registered Nurse, Makeup Artist and Product Development Specialist, put a lot of effort into this process to make sure a highly functional, beneficial, healthful and affordable product is achieved. A great value, Coconut Amla Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum is available at only $12.99.

Our eyelashes and eyebrows not only protect our eyes from debris but they are also a sign of beauty. For these reasons, they deserve regular special treatment to keep them healthy and beautiful.

To apply, sweep one coat nightly on clean lashes and brows. Or, wear this conditioning serum alone whenever desired or under the Global Goddess Exotic Eyes Blackest Black Nourishing Mascara. You will be batting strong, healthy and lush looking lashes in no time.

A company that cares about the environment, Global Goddess Beauty uses recycled and recyclable packaging for this product. For questions about this product, please contact Global Goddess Beauty by email at


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