Enterprises TV to Investigate Free Food on an Upcoming Segment

Enterprises TV will look at where to find tonight's dinner for free.

Online PR News – 24-June-2014 – Coral Springs, Florida – Enterprises TV has learned that the practice of "foraging for food" has taken on a new cache, and has even become accepted in the circles of high-end cuisine. According to USA Today, everyone from yuppies in their gentrified kitchens to chefs from multi-star restaurants are procuring some of their ingredients by gathering them in the wild. Specialty items like sea lettuce, wild garlic, pine needles, pepper grasses, Indian parsley and flowering cacti are available for the picking. Other favorites that can be foraged include pecans, black walnuts, chestnuts, blackberries and mulberries. As well as wilderness settings, there's also the cook's own back yard or that of a neighbor. Frequently, neighbors with growing plots on their property will invite nearby residents to take some of their excess produce. While there are online databases of the best local spots to find free food growing wild, it is also recommended that foragers simply keep their eyes open when going for a walk. It's surprising how much free grub is out there waiting to be plucked, with permission, of course.

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