CACFTI Introduces a Sister Website

California Center for Translation & Interpretation unveils a second website focused on certified translations for professionals in the legal sector

Online PR News – 24-June-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – California Center for Translation & Interpretation has announced that it has launched a second website to promote its document translation services. Traditionally, the company has relied on one website to introduce its certified document translation and in-person interpretation services to prospective clients. It did not integrate sister websites to its marketing and promotional strategy. Now it has shifted gears, trying to target various markets worldwide through both sites. The decision makers believe that a second website that is more focused on certified translation services for various purposes will be helpful. This translation company is considering expansion in many areas such as law and education. The firm’s priority is legal translation because lawyers and other professionals in the legal community often need certified translations for USCIS and court-certified translation services. CACFTI has already translated many documents such as birth certificates for lawyers throughout the United States. Through a second website the company hopes to expand its reach and serve other lawyers and international students. Once the company has installed a tool to track traffic on the second website it will be collecting and analyzing data about traffic and new leads generated. The company’s goal is to compare the effectiveness of marketing for the first site with its other strategies used for the original website. If marketing for the new website ends up working well for the company, it will shift gears and invest more in promoting the second website. Since all of the transactions are completed online and the company provides translation services in many fields, CACFTI can serve a global community. Therefore, it is in a great position to advertise its certified translation services through multiple websites, which can draw traffic from all over the world. California Center for Translation & Interpretation has mainly been promoting its legal document translation services through its main website. Now it will be experimenting with the second website and evaluating the site visitors’ response. The Los Angeles-based translation company will be exploring this option in its efforts to incorporate innovative techniques in its operations. The second website is more targeted towards clients who are seeking certified document translation services. It has an inner page with information about court-certified translations, which the first website lacks. It will try to target clients who want translations for courts in California. It also has an inner page about certified translations for USCIS. The main site only has one page about certified translations while the second website has several pages about certified document translation.

About California Center for Translation & Interpretation

California Center for Translation & Interpretation (CACFTI) provides professional translation services for many types of documents. It offers certified and notarized translation services for documents in various areas such as law, medicine, education, and technology. It has translated legal documents for many law firms in the United States. Its chief goal is to remove language barriers in cross-cultural communications. For more information about this translation company, visit