Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless Provides Tips For Creating a Professional Network

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, a long-time business professional, shares advice on how young aspiring professionals can begin to build an effective network.

Online PR News – 23-June-2014 – Rockville, MD – So you’re just getting your foot into the door of the professional business community. You’ve got the education and the skills to get ahead, yet you may be having trouble getting your career rolling in the right direction. The problem, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, may be your professional network, and perhaps even the lack thereof. In a business world that’s built more on who you know rather than what you know, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, it’s almost essential to have a professional network in place; one that can serve as a valuable resource of both information and support throughout your career.

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless understands the value of networking, and has often relied on what is now an extensive network of professionals and colleagues for advice and advantage. Building your network, he says, doesn’t have to be an intimidating process, and can be of invaluable benefit to you, your career and your ability to climb the company ladder.

Determine Your Conversational Needs. First and foremost for any aspiring professional, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, is the need to determine what they want out of a professional interaction. Are you looking for advice, trying to find a job, or attempting to launch a company? There are variety of reasons to begin a professional communication, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, and you must first determine what you most need out of the interaction before proceeding.

Hone Your Conversational Skill. Take the time to work on your pitch, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless. Prepare concise and relative questions, comments and personalized pitches that highlight both your expertise and what you want out of a conversation. By keeping your conversations short, attentive and to the point, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, you are able to provide the other party with the information they need almost immediately, and are able to place more meaning into each professional conversation.

Schedule Opportunities to Network. Repetition, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, is one of the best ways to become stuck in another professional’s mind, and to maintain your relevance. Schedule a block of time every week, he says, to make contact with your fellow professionals. Repeated conversation keeps the memory of yourself fresh in other people’s minds, and tends to have more impact.

Keep Yourself Organized. There is perhaps nothing as unprofessional, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, as the inability to keep your contact information readily accessible, accurate and organized. Maintain a good record of each professional’s name, occupation, phone and email address, and always keep it nearby. As be sure to log the specific times and topics of each professional conversation.

Be Brave. There may be professionals you find intimidating, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, people you find difficult to talk to or stay in touch with. However, any opportunity to have a conversation with another professional is a good opportunity, making it necessary to overcome your fears and stay committed to regular professional contact. Refuse, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, to be intimidated.

About: Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless is a longtime professional in the national wireless industry.