TONI Bird Control Solutions Launches New Infographic

TONI Bird Control Solutions, one of the leading bird control service providers has recently launched an infographic to prevent bird strikes at airports.

Online PR News – 24-June-2014 – Frankfurt – 23th June, 2014: TONI Bird Control Solutions, one of the leading bird control service providers has recently launched an infographic to prevent bird strikes at airports. The newly introduced infographic titled, ‘Bird Strike Accident Solutions’ has especially emphasized on the various types of harmful birds which can damage an aircraft and result in critical accidents.

Some of the harmful birds which are described in the IG include gulls, hawks, Canada goose, starlings, lapwing, and pigeons. These birds are commonly found at airports and can harm the various locations of an aircraft including gear, engine, windshield, fuselage and others. The IG has creatively described the impact of birds at these locations knowing which, people can be aware of the consequences and take preventive actions against bird strike.

The newly launched infographic will help airport personnel to take the right preventive measures briefly explained in it. In order to prevent the bird strike accidents, people can make use of the infographic which offers solutions including habitat management, large netting, use of natural predators, bird robots, laser methods and others.

People working at the airport who do not know how to prevent the invasion of harmful birds in order to avoid accidents can also educate themselves with the various bird control courses provided in the infographic. TONI Bird Control Solutions, with the launch of this infographic has taken a great initiative to help airport staff prevent aircraft accidents by ceasing the entry of harmful birds.

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About TONI Bird Control Solutions

TONI is a team of bird control specialists, climbers, ornithologists, falconers, pest controllers and disinfectors. The professionals are committed to the challenge of keeping birds, and in particular pigeons, away from buildings, bridges and other structures. In addition, they hold a special sector for airports and agriculture.

TONI Bird Control Solutions provides Bird Control Services for commercial and industrial businesses to enhance the quality of your surroundings. Their rich experience in dealing with pest birds tells them that these can be extremely destructive for clients’ commercial and residential property.

Hence, after surveying their property, TONI advises possible solutions, listing their pros and cons. The bird control service providers suggest the most suitable customized solution, based on its effectiveness for their area. Over the years, the firm has encountered different types of bird issues, and it has discovered that each problem has its own ideal solution. Therefore, the experts show clients which products are most effective for every single case.

Furthermore, the company offers comprehensive services with applications that are designed to specifically meet the diverse needs of their prestigious customers. The range of bird control services they offer, ensures that each and every aspect of bird problem is dealt with in order to ensure a long lasting solution.

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