World Beater: Exciting desert adventure launched on the App store

World Beater is an exciting desert-themed running game packed with loads of fun and excitement. The game is now available on the App store.

Online PR News – 21-June-2014 – Australia – Australian based game enthusiasts Jessica Gabriel and Bill Harb have developed World Beater, a challenging and interesting running game for the iOS platform. This exciting game promises to bring a humoroustwist to conventional running games with its unique storyline and thrilling gameplay.

World Beater revolves around Captain Camelot – a brave and courageous camel running fearlessly in his quest to find lush green oasis. Players need to help Captain Camelot navigate the desert while overcoming obstacles like cacti, tornadoes and muddy quicksand.Water barrels are the energy source for camel that helps him run amidst the scorching desert so players need to collect as many of them to maintain the energy level of the camel.

The game challenges players, to efficiently navigate the camel while using iPhone’s accelerometer. However, the combination of strategically placed obstacles and difficult-to-reach water barrels will make the task little difficult. Players will have to deploy efficient skills and tactics to maneuver the camel making him reach all the way to the final oasis.

Talking about the release of the game, Jessica Gabriel, one of the makers of World Beater remarked, “We are extremely excited about the launch of World Beater because we feel that the game will not only speak to hardcore gamers, but will also hold the attention of casual gamers looking for something fun and meaningful.”

The comical concept of this game makes it stand apart from the plethora of running games available on the app store. The desert theme is designed intricately with attention given to the minutestdetails. From obstacles to milestones to the unique powers, each depicts the desert in its truest form. As the game progresses, the momentum increases and so does the speed of camel and severity of attacks. This adds to the game’spromise of delivering adrenaline-rushing thrills. The game awards players with ingenious powers such as genie and wings to conquer the blistering deserts. “But watch-out for the ravenous vultures that are lurking around the corner to attack you even if you make the slightest mistake,” warns Bill Harb, the maker of World Beater.

The developers of the game have hinted that an Android version of the game is in the making and will be available to download in the near future.