Irexis Announces: Google's Big Penis Pill Review

Irexis Male Enhancement Pills are the only one's in their category to have earned a 4+ star rating on Google.

Online PR News – 19-June-2014 – New York, NY – Google is in the business of positive user experience and protecting its consumers from websites and products that are less than par. Irexis is in the business of harder and bigger penises, and that’s where these two companies meet.

Penis issues are big issues (pun intended). Men want male enhancement products that work, but they want to deal with a company that has an excellent reputation, one that is known not to charge credit-cards on a recurrent basis, and that deliver products that are based on quality, and actually work. Google works harder, that’s why they are bigger than any other search company on earth. Irexis’, manufactured by a company that goes back practically to the beginnings of Google, offers bigger and harder erection pills through their site Finally both these companies that grew amazingly large since the early part of this century are acknowledging one another. When you look for Irexis through the google search-bar you will find a 4.3 star rating (out of 5) for the Irexis product. Now 4.3 may not seem like big news when it comes to penis size, however, it is when it comes to penis pill reliability., which sells Irexis on its website, is the ONLY male enhancement pill that Google has acknowledged with any star rating, let alone one that is about as high as Amazon’s.

How Google Monitors Who Is On Its Website

One of the ways Google can convey a quality seller or product is through is through their “advertiser star system”; anything over 4 is outstanding. Having a star system at all shows that a company cares enough to work hard at pleasing its customers. In this regard it often showcases a star rating based on an independent watchdog that evaluates a product and /or service. These companies will poll buyers about a particular site or product after the customer makes a purchase to ascertain that the site and the product are of high quality. Other questions asked may include: how long have you used the product, and would you come back and use the product again.

Male Enhancement Has One Star Advertiser
One of the area’s most under scrutiny is male enhancement, especially male enhancement pills. To date, only one male enhancement pill company has gained an advertising star rating, and that is Irexis. IREXIS has earned 4+ STAR rating.

Believe it or not, this is BIG, BIG news in the area of male enhancement and male enhancement pills. For more information visit

Irexis male enhancement pills are the most effectively formulated natural male enhancement supplements for erectile issues currently on the market. The blue tablets formulated and sold since 2004 are the only one's to have earned a 4+ (out of 5) rating on Google.

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