eTutorWorld Launches Summer Courses for Summer 2014
19 June 2014
eTutorWorld has launched their summer course offerings for Summer 2014. The offerings include a 12 lesson Summer Course - Basic and a 24 lesson Summer Course - Intensive. The offerings are now available covering multiple subjects in Math & Science. Summer Courses - Basic & Intensive After analyzing the needs of its students and their parents, eTutorWorld is launching two summer course offerings - the Summer Course Basic and the Summer Course Intensive. The two offerings are designed to be delivered through multiple-lesson packs. The Summer Course Basic offering will comprise a 12 lesson pack covering a single or multiple subject areas. The Summer Course Intensive will comprise a 24 lesson pack covering a single or multiple subject areas. Math & Science Summer eCamps The Summer courses have been designed as intensive online learning experiences ("eCamps") to enhance and enable the learning of key concepts in Math & Science. The Math & Science eCamps cover the subjects of pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Integrated Science. Physics, Chemistry & Biology. More information about the offerings is available on the Summer Courses page.