Make More Money Tour Teaches Boston Business Owners to Be Highly Paid Authority in their Industry
20 June 2014
Award Winning, Multiple 6 Figure Business Coach and Business Owner, Michele Scism, Founder of is the bestselling author of several business books, and the creator of the Make More Money 2014 Tour, which began in Seattle and now moves to the second location in Boston on June 27. Scism teaches business owners how to effectively change their lives and their business, and demonstrates how they must “Take Risks to Make More Money.” "Aren’t you ready to be a highly paid authority in your industry?" With the Make More Money Tour, Scism speaks to specific business audiences across the US who are emotionally and financially committed to building a business, because, as she says, it takes both. "I teach what I learned—how to get clear on what my audience wanted, narrow my focus and revisit my pricing. I had to step into my real value – my own authority." Scism did 6 figures the second year in her coaching business but was still just barely making it. She knew she was on to something when in one 3 day weekend she made twice as much money as she had made the entire year before. To register for this life-changing conference - Other cities on the tour include Phoenix, July 17; Dallas, August 11; and Houston, August 28. Scism specifically targets business owners and leaders ready to go from Under Earner to Highly Paid Authority in their industry and ready to create a business that works. Scism recently received an award for a “Multiple 6 Figure Year” with her business. With her 6 Figure+ business coaching and results-oriented business model, she paves the way for today’s entrepreneurs to go further than ever before. Scism is a business strategist, coach, author, speaker and philanthropist. She regularly sponsors national events where she shares her wealth of expertise to anyone who mades a donation to St. Jude’s Hospital and other charities. About Michele Scism Michele’s expertise in the areas of online marketing, social media marketing and business development have been recognized during interviews on several TV shows, including being interviewed by Kristi Frank from Donald Trump’s The Apprentice, as well as multiple Talk Radio shows and teleclasses. Scism has a weekly radio show, Take Action Get Profits, on the Tough Talk Radio network on Monday afternoons at 2:00 p.m. Central Time. "If you are ready to take your business to a higher level and attract the clients you want and turn that into the income that you desire, then you have got to coach with my friend Michele Scism," says James Malinchak, Coauthor, “Chicken Soup for the College Soul,” Featured on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire” For additional information on Michele Scism or to schedule an interview: Contact publicist Sandy Lawrence 281.989.8892