Neil Dhillon Celebrates 5 Year Career Anniversary

Neil Dhillon is a highly qualified individual in the areas he has worked in throughout his professional career.

Online PR News – 26-June-2014 – Washington, D.C – Neil Dhillon has provided an abundance of skill and expertise to a variety of individuals and institutions. Neil Dhillon is today celebrating the success of a career that has taken him to many areas, both in the private and public sectors.

Neil Dhillon is a highly diligent professional. In 1993, Neil Dhillon was recognized by former President Bill Clinton as being a top Asian-American Political Appointee. Also, Neil Dhillon is a proven former Chief of Staff for CongressmanBob Matsui. Neil Dhillon has worked in the area public affairs, policy, media relations, corporate communications, crisis communications, and more.

Neil Dhillon has been a leading figure in the Indian American Community for many years.
Neil Dhillon is committed to public service and has exhibited the qualities inherent in successful professionals in the areas of which he’s been involved.

Currently, Neil Dhillon is the Senior Vice President of NA Consulting Services. Based in Washington DC, Neil Dhillon provides a vast-array of services to numerous clients.
NA Consulting Services is lucky to have Neil Dhillon, who draws from a deep knowledge of many areas including vast communications knowledge honed throughout his career.

Neil Dhillon is an experienced official in legislative and regulatory issues who has helped to devise and execute a number of strategic as well as corporate communication programs.

Neil Dhillon says that he is very happy to celebrate his career success:

Neil Dhillon: “I am very happy to commemorate the successes I have had during my career. I am thankful for the many experiences and friendships that I have gained during my tenure at all of the firms I have worked for, including my current employer, NA Consulting Services. More than anything, I lookforward to continuing in the areas I am involved with for many years to come.”

Some of the other career highlights of Neil Dhillon include his being honored by elected officials for his work and commitment in public service, which has been exhibited throughout his remarkable career.

Neil Dhillon served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Government Affairs for the Department during the Clinton administration.

Neil Dhillon is a former student of American University (AU), where he earned his degree in political science.

Neil Dhillon has established a string of successes. Neil Dhillon has often looked back at his career with great humility and acknowledgment of the opportunities that have provided him with a broader knowledge of the executive branch and the interworking’s of presidential politics.

Neil Dhillon does what he can to provide the upmost in service to all those whom he is responsible for assisting. Neil Dhillon has developed a reputation for being uniquely capable of addressing dynamic legislative and regulatory matters, as well as devising and implementing strategic and cop rotate communication programs.

In 2006, Neil Dhillon was made the Managing Director of Ruder Finn, and during his tenure at the company, served as a leading public affairs counselor and lobbyist. The Ruder Finn firm is a large consulting firm based in Washington, DC. As its Managing Director, Neil Dhillon managed to secure a number of prominent media interviews for company clients in media outlets including the Today Show (NBC), CNN, ABC’s Good Morning America, BCS 60 Minutes, National Public Radio, The New York Times, and the Washington Post. Neil Dhillon has extensive experience in providing executive council for CEO’s, Boards of Directors, and communications and staff incrisis communications, corporate communications, public affairs and more.

Neil Dhillon is a former political appointee for two high-profile representatives and is currently the Senior Vice President of NA Consulting Services.