Yulia Azkoul Provides Helpful Travel Tips to Chicagoland Visitors

Yulia Azkoul offers these Chicago attractions for visitors.

Online PR News – 26-June-2014 – Chicago, Illinois – Yulia Azkoul loves the city of Chicago. She has lived there for some time now and has explored many parts of the city and surrounding area. She would like to offer this list of some of what she believe musts for people visiting Chicago:

• The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum is In Chicago. The world renowned architect made his home here for 20 years. As was everything he did, the home is stunning. The House is now a museum and in it you can explore Frank Lloyd Wright, his work and his life. The museum is located in the Oak Park Neighborhood and is easy to get to.
• One of the most beautiful places hidden in Chicago is the Baha’i Temple On Linden Ave. It is one of only seven Baha’i worship houses in existence and the only one in the United States. It is an architectural beauty with incredibly vivid details. Its on-site pond is full of Lotus Blossoms.
• If you are going to Chicago and are interested in spending time on the water, Yulia Azkoul suggests checking out a Chicago Kayak Tour. It is a great way to see the waterfront and get your blood going.
• There are some great features in Grant Park which are a must see, The Millennium Park and Buckingham Fountain. Millennium Park hosts World class music and theatre on a regular basis and has a hidden garden that you can find if you search hard enough. Buckingham Fountain is one of the largest in the world and during the summer goes off every 20 minutes.
• The observation Deck of the John Hancock building is amazing and you can see everything. However you get basically the same vies, for the same price by buying a drink at the Lounge two floors below.
• Museum Campus, Also located in Grant Park has an extremely large collection of museums with everything you could imagine. If you like museums, give yourself a few days, not just one.
• The Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the ever-free zoos in the country. You should definitely check it out and if you enjoy yourself donate a little something. They stay open because of volunteers and those donations.
• don't forget to see the Zoo’s holiday' lights in winter
• Wrigley Field is one of the oldest baseball parks in the country and deserve to be seen. If you have little time. Take a walk around Wrigley and revel in America’s Game. If you can get to a game, GO! If you are visiting and there are no ballgames happening then check out the tour. At Wrigley you will get to do and a number of things on your tour including going to the: Seating bowl, Press box, Bleachers Visitor's clubhouse, Cubs’ clubhouse, Cubs' dugout, On the Field band more.

Yulia Azkoul understands that no matter where you end up going or what you end up doing, you will have a great time in Chicago. Just remember that each neighborhood has its own charms and are great places to check out. Don’t forget to check out EL Veneno Marisco which Yulia Azkoul believes has the best food in the city.

Yulia Azkoul is a big fan of Chicago and is ferverant in her love for the city.