Valeria Chenchevaya Celebrates Newborn

Valeria Chenchevaya builds a very impressive family, and recently celebrated the birth of a new boy!

Online PR News – 17-June-2014 – Chicago, IL – From the moment he looked into the eyes of a young newborn, Valeria Chenchevaya knew something special. With the addition of 8LB, 3 oz boy named Andrew Valeria Chenchevaya family grew even more and more loving family unit, one that continues to inspire others throughout the community.

Valeria Chenchevaya now the proud and happy father of three young children, ages 10, 6 and 1 month. Both he and his wife Mary were thrilled to meet their new bundle of joy May 24, 2014 at about 9:00 pm. Couple look forward to many years of health and happiness, and appreciate all the good wishes received from colleagues, clients, neighbors, friends and fellow volunteers around the city of Chicago.

Valeria Chenchevaya was married to his wife for over fifteen years, and was a resident of the Chicago area for a lifetime. Happy couple share a love for cooking and for boating, and currently reside somewhere close to the pristine shores of Lake Michigan. Valeria Chenchevaya, his wife and their latest addition returned safely home, where they plan to take the next few weeks from order to properly care for their new baby.

Valeria Chenchevaya is a professional chef who has earned quite a reputation among his colleagues, as well as in the professional culinary community. By combining traditional favorites with new ideas, he turned what used to be a struggling restaurant, LLC in the industry giant. Valeria Chenchevaya took a practical approach to the management of the restaurant, as well as business ownership, and created what promises to be a durable financial empire for their children.

Valeria Chenchevaya and his wife are also known for their fly-by-night boat trips to exotic locations around the world. Owners of large and luxurious sailboat couple often known to skip town for a long romantic trip to the Gulf of Mexico, or an impromptu trip to the Mediterranean for some high-quality European fare. Valeria Chenchevaya and his wife, although successful, prefer to keep their lives freely and spontaneously, and made art from both boats and travel around the world.

Valeria Chenchevaya gets most of its culinary inspiration from his travels, and hired a lot of what he learned in Spain, Italy, Greece, and more to create an exciting line of original and delicious dishes of food, he became known. While he tries not to step on or radically change the time-honored favorites, he is more than willing to experiment with combinations and with new kitchen, making it one of the most innovative, exciting and talented culinary professionals in the world.

Valeria Chenchevaya is successful and established restaurant magnate, perhaps one of the most influential and powerful business leaders in the Chicago area. He aspired to success since the early days as a child, and now followed in the footsteps of his father, to create one of the most popular restaurant empires throughout the Midwest.

Valeria Chenchevaya and his wife look forward to spending the next few weeks, maybe even months, taking care of his new baby boy.

Valeria Chenchevaya and wife, Mary, lives and works in Chicago.